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11 days to go! Please get your pledges in, or pre-order both new studio albums in cd and digital format!

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Blessings and Bliss

Matthew and Pearl


12 Days to Go!

With only 12 days left to go for our 2-4-1 studio album fund raiser, we have just surpassed £5K! Thank you all so much for your love and support of our fund raiser! We are overwhelmed with the love and so grateful!

Look how happy cartoon Matt and Pearl are in the below screenshot of the rocket fuel fund raiser webpage!


We have £12.5K left still to go, with only 12 days left!

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We so appreciate you all getting behind our fund-raise! It helps us to release these albums to the world at a level of quality that is professional enough to make it onto radio playlists across the globe.

Thank you so much.

Blessings and Bliss

Pearl and Matthew

Coming Up Friday 18th!

Continuing our Friday Night Live series, this Friday June 18th, come watch the serious(?) mockumentary expose entitled:

The Making of Dinky Donkey! Why did it take TEN YEARS!?

Come join the continued fun that is part of Glory Company’s 2-4-1 studio album fund-raiser on Rocket Fuel HQ:


Friday Night Live starts at 7:30 PM on Glory Copmany’s Facebook and YouTube pages:



You can also watch the rerun of last weeks Friday Night Live, special edition Top Ten Video Countdown, with loads of footage of some of the funnest moments of Glory Company over the last ten years:

And if you missed it, there is also the release of the official I See You There video, for your audio and visual delectation:

Time is starting to run short on Glory Company’s fund-raiser, with still 75% to go to fulfil the whole fund raise by the end of June.

If you haven’t already done so, please go to the fund-raising page and pre-order the audio CD of Dinky Donkey and The Sound of Heaven, or purchase a t-shirt or any other product, or make any pledge via the Donate button.

Everyone who makes any pledge, no matter how large or small, will automatically be registered to receive BOTH Dinky Donkey and The Sound of Heaven via digital download as soon as they are completed.


Thank you so much for supporting Glory Company’s 2-4-1 studio album fund-raiser.

Many blessings on you, and bliss

Matthew and Pearl

The Chronicles of Dinky Donkey

The Chronicles of Dinky Donkey!

2000 years ago, a dinky little donkey became the most famous donkey in history.

But what was Dinky Donkey’s back story?

Enjoy some of the best highlights of Dinky Donkey that made him who he was born to be.

An inspirational story from Glory Company of a dinky little donkey’s amazing journey of faith: from being born dinky in stature yet knowing that he was born to do great Big Things!

Why not buy a Dinky Donkey T-Shirt to support Glory Company’s fund-raiser on Rocket Fuel HQ to release the Dinky Donkey album?


All this week, each chapter will be released every morning. Then on Saturday June 12th, the whole story adventure.


Blessings and Bliss

Matthew and Pearl


Friday Night Live June 4th!

It’s Friday Night Live!

With Glory Company!

And special guest host, Lawrence Anime!

Tonight we air The Chronicles of Dinky Donkey!

A story for adults and kids, based on the tale of Dinky Donkey.

As sung in Glory Company’s song, Dinky Donkey!

The rocket fuel fund-raiser is well on it’s way now.

We have passed the £4K mark, and are pushing now to hit £6K target.

This partway goal ensures the Dinky Donkey studio album, and as soon as it’s met, we will start mixing the album for release ASAP.

Many blessings.

We hope you like the show!

Blessings and Bliss

Matthew and Pearl

To help us reach this £6K minigoal, please go to the fund-raise page and simply pre-order both Dinky Donkey and The Sound of Heaven.


Upcoming U.S. Conference

Hey Gang!

As we slowly come off sabbatical, Papa releases us to support others conferences at the moment.

Check out this conference, hosted by Global Community in Yeshua!





YouTube link to pass on the word!

Those who wait on the Lord…

L’Shana Tovah! Happy 5779! The year of Ayin Teth! See that you are a jar of clay, all of God’s might and power and provision hidden in flesh, superheroes dressed in street clothes…


It’s been ages since we posted! We miss you all! But we have to be obedient to the Father, who asked us to lay down the Glory Party until further notice…

So we are still on sabbatical, though we are starting to hear loads about the future, and starting to think about planning our next events in their new wine skin format…

We honestly thought at first that it was for a month or so. And then we thought that it would be until after the Jewish New Year, which is currently upon us. And yet, we do not feel we have the full picture for ‘what’s next’, so until we have the full blueprint, we remain obediently in the shadow of His wings, renewing our strength so that we are ready to mount up like eagles when the time comes to be released again into the next phase of Glory Company.


Please know that we think of all of you often and that we are so looking forward to our relaunch into the new. Can you not see it?  

We look forward to it, whatever shape and form it looks like!

May you all be blessed, staying close to Him, abiding in His love, bedding deeper into the secret place, being still and knowing Him, like a wife knows her Husband!


Much glory on you all and lots and lots of love.

Matthew and Pearl 

Buy Tomorrow People 2018 Talks


We recorded the Tomorrow People 2018 event to release both the audio and video of the event. So whilst the videos are being editted, the audios are ready for release!

The talks from the event feature Marios, Matthew and Pearl all speaking truths that Holy Spirit has been revealing to each of them regarding how to be Tomorrow People. There’s also a fun Q&A session, with questions from the attendees.

We have to say, this event impacted us personally in a huge way. We don’t think Glory Company will ever be the same. The talks were fun and rich and engaging. And on the Friday night, during the worship, the Kabod, the tangible presence of God, fell on the meeting so wonderfully, all we could do was to willingly surrender to it and enjoy His presence and glory.

Then on the Saturday, in the final talk, Melchizedek showed up, and we all traded into a glorious future, a Kingdom trade, engraving our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren and beyond, that we would lend to many nations and borrow from none. Wow. It was amazing.

Audio Sessions Include:

Session 1: Matt – Worship and Intimacy

Session 2: Marios – Relational Honour

Session 3: Pearl – Forgiveness and Judgements

Session 4: Matt – Powerful

Session 5: Marios – Kabod Breakout

Session 6: Pearl – Health, Frequency and You

Session 7: Marios – Wisdom and Honour

Session 8: Matt – Reading the Bible Hebraically

Session 9: Marios, Pearl, Matt – Q&A

Session 10: Marios – Abrahamic Blessing

Purchase, Download, and Enjoy!


Note: Click the Buy Now button to take you to a safe PayPal page to complete your purchase. Once purchased, we will be alerted to give you access to the Conference for download. Please be patient, as the download is not automated, and it can take up to 24 hours before your download link is emailed to you.

Glory Company 

Less than 4 weeks to go until TP18!


We have updated the poster for Tomorrow People ’18, choosing to better frame up what we believe is going to be legislated at the event.

We do not believe that this is simply another teaching event.

We believe that this is going to be a significant time for Glory Company, as we are deliberately framing up and legislating something new for the immediate and farther reaching future.

Marios Ellinas is not just a church leader and international speaker. He carries a governmental mantle, walks closely with Wisdom, and has a favour on him that gives him an authority like no one we have met before. God puts him before international leaders to speak into their lives and governments with divine influence.

He is a businessman/entrepreneur, fiction and non-fiction author, and this year is heading up the Nest Online school for first year students.

His non-fiction books are full of wisdom of the government of God in action. He is a rare voice in our time, at once witty and funny, yet at the same time weighty with the message God puts on his heart.

Come hear Marios speak. You will be moved. You will be changed.

Pearl and I also have the weight of several messages on our own hearts.

God has been positioning Pearl on the natural health mountain for the past two years, and one of her new mandates is to remind God’s people how to take care of the third part of their triune being.

Myself, as a worship leader and follower of Jesus for over 15 years, God has been given me new insights over the past 6 months leading up to Tomorrow People during my times of personal worship with Him. He’s been laying down a foundation of what I’m meant to be bringing, which I look forward to sharing with you all. 



Please book your time and your tickets quickly. Tickets available at Event Brite:


All day April 13th and 14th 2018. Multiple sessions at 10am, 2pm, and 7pm.

We so want you to be there, if you cannot afford the concession ticket price but still want to come, get in touch via info@glory-company.com and we’ll make some arrangement with you for entry.


Tomorrow People 2018 is a 2-day event to gather to worship to bring the presence of God’s glory, and to explore what it means to be tomorrow people, a body of people who live out of the future, now, in their everyday lives.

This year we have the privilege of bringing to share with us Marios Ellinas (Author of Weaponized Honour and Sexy Laundry, Valley Shore & The Nest), alongside speaking sessions from Matthew and Pearl Nagy (Glory Company).

Marios is an international speaker, author, and consultant. He has served as Senior Leader of Valley Shore in Old Saybrook, Connecticut USA since 2005, and is heading up Year 1 of the Nest for 2018. Marios has published numerous books, including: Weaponized Honor (2017), Sexy Laundry (2017), Government Collision (2013), and two spy thrillers under the pen name, Trace Evans. Marios’s speaking engagements and publications encourage and edify the body of Christ, while also establishing a platform for influence in the realms of business and government.

Matthew and Pearl Nagy are merchants of joy, international speakers, Young Living oil and natural health advocates, and worship leaders who have lead Glory Company for close to ten years. What started as simply a home church worship team has grown into international reknown with their 4 live worship album releases Let There be Light, Deep Calls to Deep, We Belong, and Unplugged and Plugged in.


Music by The Glory Company Band and friends

We are holding it at the Horsham Salvation Army Hall. Free parking on site.

Come and explore the future you

Tickets are £17.50/day, £30 for both days: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tomorrow-people-2018-tickets-42117973994

Concessions are also online.

Sessions each day as follows:

9:30am -10am Registration
10am Worship & Session 1
11:45am Morning Break
12:00pm Session 2
1:00pm Lunch Break
2:00pm Worship & Session 3
3:30pm Optional Afternoon Break
4:00pm Optional Session 4
5:00pm Dinner Break
7:00pm Worship & Session 5


Marios and Danielle Ellinas lead Valley Shore church, Connecticut, USA. Marios is an international speaker and author of numerous books, including his latest releases: Sexy Laundry and Weaponized Honour. He is a keen prophetic voice and used greatly by the Lord in the arena of authority, business, and government.




Matthew and Pearl Nagy head up Glory Company as speakers, podcasters, bloggers, as well as the worship with the Glory Company Band. They are facilitators of Glory Parties and events with the main aim being: worship until the glory presence comes; then wait in the glory for God to show off.

Venue:Horsham Salvation Army

The Horsham Salvation Army Hall is located behind the train station, with the main entrance and parking off of Booth Way off of the large roundabout (see pic below). For Sat Nav, use RH13 5UZ to get to Booth Way.

The building is ground level, so has easy wheelchair access and a few handicap parking spaces. 


Travel and Car Parking

Finding the venue is easy by train or by car. 

Horsham also has several all day car parks within 7-10 minutes walk to the venue (more information here):

Swan Walk (900 spaces — £8.40 for 8 hours — £12 for longer)

Piries Place (330 spaces — £8.40 for 8 hours — £12 for longer)

BT Exchange (81 spaces — £7 for 8 hours — Saturdays and evenings only)

RCP (£3 all day pay and display parking, but very limited amount of spaces)

There is also shorter term parking immediately opposite the Capitol in the North Street car park, but there is a limit of 3 hours stay during the day (for £3.30). In the evenings, the charge is only £1 from 6-8pm (and you are able to stay parked there for the rest of the night).  


And the Horsham train station is a 5 minute walk to the venue as well (see first map above).

Hotels and B&Bs

There are two hotels in Horsham for those who want to book to stay overnight.

The Premier Inn is across from the train station (3 minute walk to the venue).

Travelodge is in the centre of town near the bus station (7 minute walk to the venue).

And there are also a number of B&Bs further from the venue.

Last year’s event had over 200 attendees, and this year the venue only holds 150, so don’t delay! Book today! Come join us for the joyful revelry of Glory Company worship music, and the revelatory talks by Justin, Jane, Stevie, Matthew and Pearl.

See you there!

Glory Company