Kingdom Business Training

Meet Matthew Nagy: Glory Entrepreneur

Matthew Nagy doesn’t just run Glory Company worship band and mystic teaching ministry with his wife, Pearl Nagy.

Matthew has also been running his own businesses for over 20 years: from idea to concept, concept to plan, plan to funding, funding to implementation.

And now Matthew is starting to coach entrepreneurs how to start up, launch, run, improve, or expand their businesses with God’s Kingdom principles.

Free taster coaching will run for 30 minutes Tuesday each week at 8PM GMT (3pm EST/11am PCT) cycling monthly between the following


Wk 1:


Have a great idea for a business and don’t know where to start?

You’re ready for the Incubation program.

Learn how to hone your idea, how to improve it, how to convey it and plan for it using a business plan.

Wk 2:


Plan all in pace and you’d like to get going?

You’re ready for the Inauguration program.

Learn how to get grants and funding, pitch for investment, prepare for and launch your business from start-up to steadiness.

Wk 3:


Your business is up and running and you’d like to grow it to a healthy sustainable business?

You’re ready for the Acceleration program.

Learn how to handle finances, accounting, obtaining products and retaining customers through good service.

Wk 4:


Your business has been running steadily for a few years and you’d like it to expand further?

You’re ready for the Multiplication program.

Learn how to expand your business by increasing productivity, adding projects or products, growing customers, , and hiring, training and managing sub-management.


Business and Finance Consulting

2016 – Present


Financial Consultant

Development Funder

Game Developer

Stock Market Trader

Company and Finance Director

1998 – 2016

Finance Director

Fund Raiser

Grant Coordinator

Development Director

Business Development

Design Director

Lead Designer and Project Manager

1994 – 1998

Games Development

Project Manager

Lead Designer

Game Concept



1990 – 1994

Hiring Head


Head Chef

Sous Chef

Apprentice Chef

Let’s make something together.