We Are One

We Are One is Glory Company’s 5th album, released May 24th 2019 for worldwide digital download sales and print on demand services.

The We Are One double album is taken from a live spontaneous worship set from Glory Company at our Glory Party in February 2018. 

It was a really special night. The atmosphere was pure worship, love, peace, and at times, tears of gratitude or bursts of joy. There was speaking, teaching, banter, laughter. We simply mixed the music, attempting to capture those moments where we remember Holy Spirit moving. Ignore any bum notes. They are incidental to the ‘live set’. 

None of these songs were rehearsed. Most of them spontaneously appeared on the night out of our worship (except one where we give credit to an IHOP live-set from their prayer room many years ago). 

When we make live spontaneous worship, we simply step into Heaven by faith, behold God, and we respond to what we see, or listen and repeat what we hear. At times you may be able to hear us holding back tears as we sing the precious things we heard. At times you can just hear the joy coming up from out of nowhere, overflowing into the atmosphere in cascades. 

We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do. 

All of us who practice the presence and bask in His glory: 

We Are One.


released May 24, 2019 

Matthew Nagy: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 
Pearl Nagy: Vocals 
Dan Page: Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals 
James Hanks: Acoustic Guitar 
Andrew Moxon and James Westbrook: PA 

Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Moxon at Portal Studios, Haslemere, Surrey, UK 

Album cover photography by Flo Westbrook:  www.flotography.co.uk

The album is also available through our Bandcamp page, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music, Spotify, and most of the digital download music stores worldwide.



We Are One at Bandcamp

We Are One at iTunes/Google/Amazon

Or listen for free on YouTube on our Topic Channel, or to video on our Glory Company channel:

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