Loving the One

Perhaps the most effective means of ‘evangelism’ to me is Loving the One.

This is, paying attention to, encouraging, edifying, comforting the one right in front of you. Listening to and feeling the heart of the Father for this person right there. Loving them unconditionally and openly, not afraid of rejection. Smiling at them. Looking into their eyes. Not allowing your gaze to be distracted elsewhere. Looking deep into their souls.

Let Papa hug someone's heart through you

Let Papa hug someone's heart through you

They get to meet Jesus through your body. Jesus gets to use you like a marionette puppet. You’re His, and He touches the one before you.

This section of the website is dedicated to encouraging stories of Loving the One, Testimonies of His goodness towards the people He loves so much.

He wants to see people delivered, encouraged, empowered.


One thought on “Testimonies

  1. Hi, a few weeks ago at a golry company I had very bad back pain. The worship leader phrophseyed that someone had back pain and God was healing it. It went right away and has not been any where near as bad as befor. Codeen would have been needed, but it went instantly after the word of the Lord was give. Befor the metting I prayed Lord send you word and things have to go well. That happened.

    I love this ministary it is so free and non legalistic.

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