Deep Calls to Deep

Deep Calls to Deep is Glory Company’s 2nd album, released May 20th 2015 for worldwide digital download sales and print on demand services.

This is the live worship from the night of our February 2015 Glory Party. It is live, rough, raw, complete with a few bum notes, but it is real, heartfelt devotional to the Father, Son and Spirit. 

Every song you hear did not exist before the night, but were either created on the night, or in the case of our experimenting with Ableton loops on the first few tracks, were simply several nice musical loops that seemed to fit well together, but, again, were spontaneously laid out as we worshipped, complete with the rest of the live music and vocals that we layered over the loops. 

Your Love is Like an Ocean was for years the most played track on download sites and social media, followed closely by the second half of the song, the titular track Deep Calls to Deep. Let Your Peace Flow is a beautiful soaking track, followed by the spontaneous prayer/intercession track Prayer for the Presence, following Pearl’s talk that night. More of Your Presence rounded the night up beautifully, with James singing the main vocal from behind the drums.

It’s a wonderful album in its eclectic music types, yet whole and completeness.

All we did was mix and master. We hope you enjoy.


released May 20, 2015 

Matthew Nagy: Bass, Keys, Vocals 
Pearl Nagy: Vocals and Prayer 
James Westbrook: Vocal, Ableton Loops 
James Hank: Guitars 
Jon Miles: Trumpet 
Craig Wilson: Drums

The album is also available through our Bandcamp page, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music, Spotify, and most of the digital download music stores worldwide.

Deep Calls to Deep at Bandcamp

Deep Calls to Deep at iTunes/Google/Amazon

Or listen for free on YouTube on our Topic Channel:

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