Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light is Glory Company’s 1st album, released Feb 28th 2015 for worldwide digital download sales and print on demand services.

This is live, raw, and rough recording from the January 2015 Glory Party: spontaneous, prophetic worship from the night.

It is complete with mistakes, bum notes, wrong tuning, and missed beats, but it is heart-felt authentic worship that has its own power and purpose, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. 

In our usual experimental nature, none of the songs in this EP existed before the night began, but all arose on the night as we followed Holy Spirit into an encounter with Jesus. Enjoy.

Adonai was the opening song of the night, and really should have been 2 different songs on the album. Who is This King of Glory sprung from the end of Adonai, using few additional loops from Garage Band. But the most wonderful and ominous track on the mini-album is the final song, Brooding, which literally came out of nowhere, as the band hovered over the face of the deep with Papa, watching and waiting.

A truly delicious, all too short, perfect little album.


released February 28, 2015 

Matthew Nagy: bass, keys, loops, vocals 
Pearl Nagy: vocals 
Milly Bennitt: vocals 
James Hanks: guitar 
Craig Wilson: drums 
Jon Miles: trumpet 
James Westbrook: sound/mixing

The album is also available through our Bandcamp page, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music, Spotify, and most of the digital download music stores worldwide.



Let There Be Light at Bandcamp

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