You Are There

You Are There is Glory Company’s 6th album, released October 19th 2020 for worldwide digital download sales and print on demand services.

This album sprung from our past 2 years in sabbatical, halfway through which, Matthew discovered that he had throat cancer and underwent treatment, and overcame from the valley back to complete health and restoration. Throughout it all, during the darkest times, God was there.

As Company of Burning Heart’s event Loveliest 2020 was approaching, we wanted to write a new worship song to perform at the event. We wanted to write something that was real to us, and yet openly universal to anyone and everyone who has ever suffered something and overcame, by God’s grace, and even to those who are still there, or who have as yet to overcome… This is real raw worship, delivered in modern electronic dance symphony format… Enjoy.


released October 9, 2020 

Written, Performed and Mixed by Matthew and Pearl Nagy 
Mastered by streaky@streakymastering 
With special guests: 
Rob Townley on guitars (Rob Townley Music, Eri, Janine John Band) 
Dan Page on other guitars (Glory Company, Latitude Church)

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You Are There

You Are There

You Are There EP, Glory Company's latest release
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The album is also available through our Bandcamp page, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music, Spotify, and most of the digital download music stores worldwide.

You Are There at Bandcamp

You Are There at iTunes/Google/Amazon from October 19th 2020

Or listen for free on YouTube on our Topic Channel, or to video on our Glory Company channel:

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