Unplugged and Plugged In

Unplugged and Plugged In is Glory Company’s 4th album, released April 2017 for worldwide digital download sales and print on demand services.

After several years of live sets with the full band at the time, Pearl was away one Glory Party, so the band decided to have a laid back acoustic night, casually seated on armchairs, reproducing the same feel as the many years of Glory House Church.

Arguably, the roughest mixed album, complete with growling voices, bum notes, etc. All the songs on this album were spontaneous songs from this acoustic glory party, March 2017. And the entire album was also released onto YouTube as a free watch of the entire set, start to finish. As a result, the album is yet to be launched on iTunes, Amazon, etc, pending a remix…


released April 19, 2017 

Matthew Nagy: Vox, Acoustic 
Jon Miles: Trumpet, Djembe 
Dan Page: BVs, Acoustic, Slide 
James Hanks: BVs, Acoustic, Licks 
Pearl Nagy: Harmonies in the Spirit

Mixed and Mastered by Glory Company

The album is available through our Bandcamp page.


Unplugged and Plugged In at Bandcamp

Or listen to the entire set for free on YouTube:

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