Not only is the Dinky Donkey Single out, so is the whole album! Yay! The long awaited prodigal Donkey returns!

10 YEARS in the making! The Dinky Donkey has finally arrived! Just in time for the 10th anniversary edition!

The Fifth Single Dinky Donkey is one of our favourite Glory Company live tracks of all time. It is a fun and joyful, catchy little ditty that you’ll be singing for weeks. Fun pop tune, complete with lots of hooks, and a fair bit of idiocy! 😀

The song sprang out of a moment on a Sunday morning with the kids, when they jokingly said, Let’s sing about dinky donkey, and Matthew rose to the challenge and immediately banged out a few chords and the initial melody. The song practically wrote itself and has been sung in many a Glory Party ever since.

Who else is worthy to bring the Son into his revelry moment of glory entering the Holy City!

None other than the Dinky Donkey!

The official video is is coming soon, so watch our YouTube Channel.

Would you be so kind to vote for Dinky Donkey!? We are trying to get playlisted on Spotify!

And if you’d like to hear the origin of the song, Watch This! 😀

We have LOVED making these songs for this album. We trust you will enjoy hearing them!

You are so loved! Be free to be whom He made you to be!

Pearl and Matthew

Glory Company

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