Glory Company Band

For years, the Glory Company Band has lead worship at our own monthly worship events, Glory Parties and at other conferences and events (such as Company of Burning Hearts, Spirit-Body-Soul events, Glory Fest, etc). We are currently on sabbatical from hosting our own events, until Papa God releases the next blueprint for us for the future. The band is currently: Matthew on guitar, bass, vocals, Ableton loops, and sometimes keys  Pearl on vocals, melodies, and the spoken word In the past, we were regularly joined by any of these wonderful prophetic musicians: Jon Miles on trumpet and djembe Craig Wilson on drums James Westbrook on drums/djembe/vox/keys/loops (or prophetic mixing!) Dan Page, James Hanks, Joe Martin or Rob Townley on guitar/bass/vox The music varies from joyful praise to deep sombre throne room worship. 
The Glory Company Band forms on a per event basis from a group of talented musicians who are happy to play prophetically and spontaneously on the night.
Glory Company at Deeper Event with Ian Clayton

Glory Company at Deeper Event with Ian Clayton

The band is lead by Matthew on vocals and acoustic, bass or electronic loops, depending upon which musicians are available. Pearl sings lead, does BVs, and speaks prophetic words, which the band members then play and sing around, rather like IHOP’s ‘worship with the word’, though sometimes it can lead to moments of intercessory worship, mystic throne room encounters, or wherever Holy Spirit wants to take us. We’re open, Holy Spirit. Lead us, and we’ll follow. Glory Company at Glory Fest Jan '11

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