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For years, Glory Company lead worship at our own monthly worship events, Glory Parties and at other conferences and events (such as Company of Burning Hearts, Spirit-Body-Soul events, Glory Fest, etc).

We wrote songs for many of these events, but also worshipped spontaneously and prophetically, with new songs forming from out of the spirit on the night. Many of these songs recorded on the night were later mixed and released on one of our many albums.

The music varies from joyful praise to intimate love songs, to deep sombre throne room worship…

These albums are available through our Bandcamp page, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music, Spotify, and most of the digital download music stores worldwide.

Singles Include:

It’s Not Christmas Without You

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.:

And also on Bandcamp:

Albums Include:

You Are There is now available for sale via our own digital download page for print on demand CD or digital download of both:

You Are There

You Are There

You Are There EP, Glory Company’s latest release
£ 5.99
£ 9.99
£ 12.99 £ 15.98

You Are There at Bandcamp or You Are There at iTunes/Google/Amazon from October 19th 2020

We Are One in Bandcamp or We Are One at iTunes or Amazon or Google Music

Unplugged and Plugged In

We Belong on Bandcamp or We Belong on iTunes

Deep Calls to Deep or iTunes

Let There Be Light or iTunes

Other Old Live Recordings

You can also find some of our earlier live music recordings to listen to for free (such as our Burn London or David’s Tent sets) here on our Soundcloud page:

Dinkey Donkey Studio Album

The long-awaited Glory Company studio album, Dinky Donkey is the next musical project we’re going to complete. We shall release it in time to instantly be the 10th anniversary edition!

For a sneak listen… Enjoy a ‘near final’ mix of the title track: Glory Company on Soundcloud.

Glory Company Title Track

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