This is Jesus single is out now!

10 YEARS in the making! The Dinky Donkey arrives just after Easter 2023!

The Fourth Single for the upcoming Dinky Donkey album is a lovely jaunt, reminiscent of the Beatles, exploring the dichotomy between the gruesome act of the crucifixion with the glorious exchange for the throne.

The song came to Matthew at 3am one night, the entire song in his head bar a few lyrics, and he had to wake and quietly hum enough of the tune into his iPhone to save it for figuring out the next morning. (See 3am Wake Up on the upcoming Dinky Donkey album, out just after Easter 2023.)

King. Son. Saviour. Rabbi. Sacrifice for all! Wholly holey holy.

This is Jesus!

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The official video is here:

And if you’d like to hear the origin of the song, Watch This! 😀

We have LOVED making these songs for this album. We trust you will enjoy hearing them!

You are so loved! Be free to be whom He made you to be!

Pearl and Matthew

Glory Company

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