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We have edited the Speaker Sessions and Tomorrow People 2016 conference is ready for sale! What a joy to listen through these teachings again! It was such a special event, with speakers Ian Clayton (Son of Thunder), Justin Abraham (Company of Burning Hearts), and Grant Mahoney (Moed Ministries), all future casting what it means to be a Tomorrow Person in the here and now.

Sessions Include:

Session 1: Justin Abraham – Possessed by Love

Session 2: Grant Mahoney – Glorious Destiny

Session 3: Justin Abraham – Aligning with Goodness

Session 4: Ian Clayton – Our Future Selves

Session 5: Grant Mahoney – Engaging Wisdom

Session 6: Ian Clayton – Change of Season

Session 7: Justin Abrham – Love Wins

Session 8: Grant Mahoney – Winds of Change

Session 9: Ian Clayton – Being a Priest


All speakers shared from their own personal experiences and understanding of God and Kingdom dynamics, to help us expand our minds and paradigms to increase our awareness of the unseen world all around us, to help us grow to become Tomorrow People, today.

The dawn of the spiritual evolution of humanity is upon us, for those who have ears to hear. Many of the talks are not just theory, but also have practical engagement exercises to help you learn and apply what you’ve heard to your everyday walk with Jesus.


Ian Clayton is an inspirational speaker, pioneering teacher, scientific thinker, and a businessman, as well as head of Son of Thunder ministries. He encounters the unseen world naturally and imparts the understanding for others to walk in these same realities. He revolutionary messages have impacted tens of thousands globally. He is a remarkable man with a powerful mandate for this generation.

JustyJustin Abraham is a renowned speaker, teacher, blogger and podcaster recognised internationally for his engaging teachings on the mystic realms of heaven. Justin is the senior director of Company of Burning Hearts with his wife Rachel, standing with many others around the world to see a global spiritual awakening of humanity to shape the future.

GrantM copy SqGrant Mahoney is the co-director of Moed Ministries in New Zealand with his wife Sam. He is an apostolic father who imparts wisdom and understanding of the ways of God. His highest passion is friendship with the Father, encountering Him personally and walking in the heavenly realms. He is an unusual seer and frequently experiences visitations with angels and insights into local and global issues.

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