The Tea Man

There is this lovely man who sells tea at the train station. He is actually a trained physiotherapist, but his business wasn’t doing too well, so he started picking up some extra cash doing the tea wagon, and at the same time doing an open university degree to get more credentials in his field.

How do I know all this? I loved this guy. I saw him one day and I felt Papa lead me over to love on him. I just smiled at him, bought a cuppa, started chatting with him. It was easy. He’s a lovely guy. I felt Papa’s heart for him. I loved on him for Papa and got to love him myself.

Every time I saw him at the station and had time, I’d give him that time, as Papa lead. I’d just smile, looking into his eyes, releasing the presence of Papa, and ask how he was and listen to him. He didn’t know me from anyone else. But I was giving him Papa’s love and my time, and within a chat or two, he simply began to open up to me. He told me his celebrations, and he told me his woes. Always I’d just listen, show nothing negative, and let Holy Spirit answer him.

On one instance, he told me his struggles to finish his dissertation, the final essay for his course work. I felt Papa lead to encourage him, so I did, just telling him to put his feelings aside, and knuckle down, and get to a quiet place with his iPod on, and just bash it out, who cares how polished, just do it. That was it. Papa spoke.

Recently, as I was getting onto the train, tranced out with Holy Spirit on my own Pod, he rushed up to me, excitedly.

“I just had to tell you! I passed! I got a 2.2! I listened to your advice, I just went and did my essay and I got a 2.2! It’s all thanks to you! You helped me so much! Thank you so much! I just had to tell you!”

Really? It was all thanks to me? No way… It was Papa. I received the words, but I took my bouquet of encouragement to Papa later that night and gave it back to Him. I was just willing to love this guy. And I do. Genuinely. He’s such a lovely man. And now. He has increased his degree and is able to go back into physio with his extra credentials and leave the tea trolley behind. Glory to God.

Let’s all just love the one in front of us, no matter who it is, and do as we are lead. Let’s all pass.

Willing bondservants of God Almighty, El Shaddai, the all breasty one who loves us all like a mother as well as a father.

Love the one.

Glory Company.

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