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We recorded the Tomorrow People 2018 event to release both the audio and video of the event. So whilst the videos are being editted, the audios are ready for release!

The talks from the event feature Marios, Matthew and Pearl all speaking truths that Holy Spirit has been revealing to each of them regarding how to be Tomorrow People. There’s also a fun Q&A session, with questions from the attendees.

We have to say, this event impacted us personally in a huge way. We don’t think Glory Company will ever be the same. The talks were fun and rich and engaging. And on the Friday night, during the worship, the Kabod, the tangible presence of God, fell on the meeting so wonderfully, all we could do was to willingly surrender to it and enjoy His presence and glory.

Then on the Saturday, in the final talk, Melchizedek showed up, and we all traded into a glorious future, a Kingdom trade, engraving our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren and beyond, that we would lend to many nations and borrow from none. Wow. It was amazing.

Audio Sessions Include:

Session 1: Matt – Worship and Intimacy

Session 2: Marios – Relational Honour

Session 3: Pearl – Forgiveness and Judgements

Session 4: Matt – Powerful

Session 5: Marios – Kabod Breakout

Session 6: Pearl – Health, Frequency and You

Session 7: Marios – Wisdom and Honour

Session 8: Matt – Reading the Bible Hebraically

Session 9: Marios, Pearl, Matt – Q&A

Session 10: Marios – Abrahamic Blessing

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Glory Company 

Beautiful Addiction

Are you satisfied with your walk with God?



Is Sunday-only enough? Is reading your bible daily enough? Is praying daily a list of intercessory prayers enough? Is anything you do enough…? Are you ‘playing church’, performing some form of script that you’ve learned to do to be a part of the kingdom…

Or do you know Him… personally?

Do you feel CLOSE to God, and feel Him close to you? 

Do you want to know Him personally? And be aware consciously of the fact that you are fully known…


To walk with Him like Abraham, Moses, David, Enoch, Jesus…? 

At recent Glory Party with Justin Abraham, after a rollicking time of worship and glory in the throne room, Justin spoke from his heart about his personal experiences pursuing God at any cost, finding that the one he was pursuing was suddenly pursuing him… This is a man who knows Jesus from personal experience and is happy to share what he’s gleaned thus far along his personal journey. We are grateful for his input into our own journeys.

Deeply saturated with the bliss, this session expands on the joy and groaning tears of the pursuit of the presence and deep wells of God himself.

The inspirational song at the end of the Podcast is from the Prayer Room live feed at iHOP in Kansas. Visit 

For more on Justin Abraham visit

Cloud of Witnesses

Have you ever felt like you’re not alone, like you’re being watched, but the feeling was a good feeling, like you were being supported and encouraged…? Perhaps you’ve had an encounter with an angel. But perhaps you’ve had an encounter with the great cloud of witnesses…

At recent all-day Glory Party with Justin Abraham, Justin taught on this particularly favorite topic of ours: The Great Cloud of Witnesses.


Encountering the Cloud is a scriptural thing, little discussed in the normal church setting. Jesus, on the Mount of Transfiguration, clearly meets with two historical figures who seem to be very much alive. Many of the great saints of history whom we love and admire claim to have met with interesting historical figures in dreams and visions and waking encounters… Could it be? Are we dismissing, and thus missing, a potentially important part of our Christian walk…?


Exciting revelatory teaching on engaging the realm of Heaven, moving up the spiral of revelation, journeying, and encountering the cloud of witnesses.

For more from Justin Abraham