L’Shana Tovah! Happy 5779! The year of Ayin Teth! See that you are a jar of clay, all of God’s might and power and provision hidden in flesh, superheroes dressed in street clothes…


It’s been ages since we posted! We miss you all! But we have to be obedient to the Father, who asked us to lay down the Glory Party until further notice…

So we are still on sabbatical, though we are starting to hear loads about the future, and starting to think about planning our next events in their new wine skin format…

We honestly thought at first that it was for a month or so. And then we thought that it would be until after the Jewish New Year, which is currently upon us. And yet, we do not feel we have the full picture for ‘what’s next’, so until we have the full blueprint, we remain obediently in the shadow of His wings, renewing our strength so that we are ready to mount up like eagles when the time comes to be released again into the next phase of Glory Company.


Please know that we think of all of you often and that we are so looking forward to our relaunch into the new. Can you not see it?  

We look forward to it, whatever shape and form it looks like!

May you all be blessed, staying close to Him, abiding in His love, bedding deeper into the secret place, being still and knowing Him, like a wife knows her Husband!


Much glory on you all and lots and lots of love.

Matthew and Pearl 

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