Face to Face

Just blogging from the heart today.

We’ve been spending the start of the year seeking Papa’s face. We have only had hazy glimpses so far in our sanctified imagination. But we are greatly encouraged.

We continue to set time aside to seek His face, because we are more and more excited with each tiny glimpse, yet more and more unsatisfied that we are only glimpsing when we desire to totally behold and take in the beauty of His majesty and get lost in the glory and eternity in His eyes…

We’re doing this from a place of rest. We simply believe that we can see Him face to face and not die, and so we continue to fast media and tv and the like, to use that time to seek Him.

We use ‘seek’ loosely. We’re not striving in this. We’re simply spending as much time as we can out of our day to day lives to ‘position ourselves’ to meet with Him. We believe that we can. We believe that we have been invited in through the veil into the inner court of the Holy of Holies. We believe that He will meet us in a new way that we can experience, sense, feel, enjoy with our spirits/souls/bodies. We believe we will see Him and take a step closer to being counted by Him as a friend, like Moses, like Enoch, like Abraham, David, Jesus…

Even if we don’t feel like we met with Him on one particular instance, it doesn’t put us off. We know He never leaves us or forsakes us, so we know that the fullness of Him is resting with us at any given point, and that it is actually us, our poor perception, that is hindering us from the experience of more of Him. If our minds wander, again, that’s really us that’s the issue. He is with us always.

So, as Paul says: we ‘press in’ and ‘press on’ for more of Him…

But perhaps we need to invent a new language for this!

It’s more about us training ourselves to awaken to believe and receive what He already poured Himself out on the Cross to give us: All of Him. He opened the way through His flesh and blood. We just need to train ourselves to trod that open path through the torn veil.

That’s what this month of ‘seeking’ is really about. Re-training to be more and more aware. It’s an eye-opening experience, literally.

We trod down the ancient pathways of the saints of old who saw Him face to face. As we dare to believe more and more, our perception changes more and more.

This is a doable thing. He can do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or imagine through those who believe…

Do you dare believe you can look into God’s face and live?

Perhaps a part of you will die in the process. But that’s a good thing! Who wants to remain this way forever, when one glimpse of the King will change us more into His image?

We pray that as each of you reads this that you’ll also feel Papa’s call to you to position yourself for more of Him. You too can see Him face to face. Believe it!

Be encouraged, be empowered, be delivered…

Glory Company

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