Adventure Awaits!

Blogging from the heart again…

Back in 1804, President Jefferson set Lewis and Clark a task to pioneer across North America, to find the way to the Pacific Ocean, in order to open up a pathway for others to follow. This brave and bold move lead to further exploration of the great wide west, leading to the eventual expansion of the USA to its current known borders.

Imagine if Jefferson hadn’t pursued the idea, or if Lewis and Clark had said ‘No’…

Imagine if no one went adventuring. Ever.

New paths MUST be trod!

Did you know that sharks must constantly move forward in order for the water to rush past their gills to allow them to breathe so they can stay alive?

God’s Church is like a shark. It must continue to move forward to stay alive! Give us THIS DAY our daily bread… The Manna did not keep beyond one day. It would rot and turn maggoty if kept overnight, 6 days out of 7. 

We need a fresh revelation from Him every single morning. Doing again day after day what has always been done will not suffice any longer! 1 day a week, we get to rest and just soak and worship. The other 6 days, we need to spend time in His presence for the word for that day.

We must go adventuring. We must continue to pioneer. Or we are going to stagnate in what has always been and stop breathing and die!

The Church should be the most vibrant and amazing revelatory place on the planet! A place that everyone who looks on from the outside and sees… it births a hunger in them to be a part of that amazing, creative, constantly forward-moving, pioneering movement! Glory to God!

I want to be a part of that! I want us all to be a part of that! We have to move foward! That’s why it’s called a MOVEMENT! We move! As the pillar of fire or cloud moves, we move!

Let’s stop being stuck in the comfort of what has always been. Let’s move forward so that we can take the land that has always been destined for us, since the beginning of time.

Time to pioneer! Time to go adventuring with Holy Spirit! We have paths to make across the whole world so that others may follow and trod the path for more to follow!

Be encouraged! Be empowered! Be delivered!

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