January Glory Party

It is nearly that time again! Glory Party! Party party! Come one, come all, bring friends! Call out to anyone who needs a good drink of heaven!

We are spending all of January seeking His face daily, in a media fast. So we really feel that Papa is going to meet us face to face in some tangible form this time at Glory Party.

We feel that this time will be a time of amazing and profound intimacy. I can already smell a sweet presence when I begin to pray over it. We think that this first one of the year has significance to set us up for what will follow in the months to come.

So, please, come. Come and enjoy the sweet sweet presence of Jesus. Come dance with Holy Spirit. Come and feel the awesome presence of the Father brooding over you as you invite Him.

Next Saturday the 21st! We think it will be delicious and sublime.

See you there!

Glory Company

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