Papa’s Schedule Change

Greetings to all you glory people.

We miss you, but an unexpected thing has happened.



We had a dream that Papa told us to put Glory Party on hold for 6 months.

In the dream, we finished our January Glory Party, were packing up the equipment, and clear as day, Papa spoke and told us to put it on hold, so that when it came back, it would come back in more power.


Sad as it is to not have a Glory Party for 6 months, we really feel this is from Him. So we are honouring the dream, honouring Papa, and we’re cancelling our Glory Party events until summer.

We’re still going to honour some of the commitments we’ve already made: John Scotland in July; and we are pleased to confirm that we are hosting Ian Clayton in Horsham the 3rd weekend in August, dates and times to be finalised.

We are also supporting Spirit Body Soul’s event with Heather Clark March 28 & 29, with some of the GloCo band members joining with other musicians to be Heather’s band for the 2 nights.

But as for the Parties themselves, we’re going to be obedient, and use the next 6 months to spend time at His feet as much as possible, posturing ourselves for all that is Him-possible. We are sure He will download to us what He wants for the next season when we come back. 


Blessings on you all. Will miss you. But look forward to seeing you at the events and in September Glory Party!

Matt and Pearl and new baby Hope and the boys…