Rest in the Blood

Hi Guys

Matt’s done a little video about the Quarantine. Hopefully we’ll make these weekly.


In these strange, recent times, we have a choice to make: believe the news reports or believe the reports from our Father… With Passover coming up, we remind ourselves to celebrate the fact that the angel of death passed over all those whose houses were covered by the blood of the lamb. Are you covered? Are you resting in the Truth of our Father? Come and enter into His rest, and be at rest in your faith that God is still in control, and He will use even the Covid-19 to show the world how good He truly is.

We Are One! New Album!


Hello to all you Glory Company!

Feels like ages. Sabbatical continues for us, with Papa not as yet revealing when we are ‘ready to launch out again into fresh new waters’… We sit with Him daily, diving deeper into the depths of His goodness and pleasure, getting to know Him more…

But all the while, we are allowed to dream with Him: to explore new aspects of Him, to write books (more on that soon…), and to mix music…

So! We have a new album out since Friday May 24th! We Are One!

The We Are One album is taken from a live spontaneous worship set from Glory Company at our Glory Party in February 2018.


It was a really special night. The atmosphere was pure worship, love, peace, and at times, tears of gratitude or bursts of joy. There was speaking, teaching, banter, laughter. We simply mixed the music, attempting to capture those moments where we remember Holy Spirit moving. Ignore any bum notes. They are incidental to the ‘live set’.

None of these songs were rehearsed. Most of them spontaneously appeared on the night out of our worship (except one where we give credit to an IHOP live-set from their prayer room many years ago).

When we make live spontaneous worship, we simply step into Heaven by faith, behold God, and we respond to what we see, or listen and repeat what we hear. At times you may be able to hear us holding back tears as we sing the precious things we heard. At times you can just hear the joy coming up from out of nowhere, overflowing into the atmosphere in cascades.

We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do.

All of us who practice the presence and bask in His glory:

We Are One.

Out Now!

Go get your copy today! Links to various selected digital download stores:


Album Liner Notes:


Matthew Nagy: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Pearl Nagy: Vocals

Dan Page: Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

James Hanks: Acoustic Guitar

Andrew Moxon and James Westbrook: PA


Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Moxon at Portal Studios, Haslemere, Surrey, UK

Album Photography by Flo Westbrook:

The Last Glory Party


We posted back in January that we were quiet because we were in a time of seeking His face for what’s next for Glory Company.


We have been doing Glory Parties for 7 years, and whilst it has been and is still enjoyable to have a party in and for His glory, we have come so far and learned so much more…

Our Scottish friends Scotland Ablaze felt it was time for a change and are now The Dove Company and already seeing leaps and bounds in what they do.

Our Welsh friends Company of Burning Hearts felt it was time for a change and started up a bi-monthly meeting called The Tribe, which has become church for so many as it has grown.

And now it is also time for Glory Party to change.

It is time to reflect and incorporate all of the changes we’ve experienced these past years and incorporate them into an evolved monthly events.

WinterGloryParty18 copy

So, this Saturday March 10th is the last Glory Party for the time being. 7:00 doors for a 7:30 start to worship and enjoy His presence, soak, praise, and encounter His glory.


Then comes our Tomorrow People event April 13-14, this year with special guest speaker Marios Ellinas, author of Sexy Laundry, Weaponized Honour (and many other books), and Year 1 leader of the Nest for 2018. Pearl and I will also be speaking this year, which we’re excited about. (Papa has been downloading! So much to say!)


And then, come May, we will relaunch Glory Company’s monthly events with something a little different.

Yes, there will still be worship as part of it. That is part of our destiny scroll.

And to be honest, we are still receiving the blueprint ourselves, so we cannot tell you 100% right now what it’s going to look like! We believe Tomorrow People 2018 will be the time that Papa reveals the rest of the blueprint.

But we will be framing up more than just the party. We know we will be gathering together to enjoy each others company and going further and pressing deeper into the multi-dimensional nature of our Father in heaven, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and His amazing creation on Heaven and Earth.

We are expecting much. Anticipating. We expect to speak, minister, pray, activate and encounter together, as we impart what we have been hearing to help raise up a whole glory company of people who are wholly sold out and devoted to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We hope you’ll join us for this last glory party. And Tomorrow People 2018. And of course, then into the great adventure of what’s next.


To infinity and beyond!

Love, blessings and bliss

Matthew and Pearl

and all of Glory Company

Nancy Coen July 21st

NancyCoenGloryPartyJuly17 copy

We have Nancy Coen for 1 day only! Friday July 21st.

We know it’s a Friday, but take a day or a half day off work and come spend a day with this amazing daughter of the most high. The revelation of the Father’s heart that Nancy carries is like no other. Her mystical journey and stories of God’s supernatural work through her will astound and inspire you. Come hear this amazing woman of God. With worship with the Glory Company band.

Check out more about Nancy Coen at

Sessions at 12 noon, 3pm, and 7pm (with break for dinner, 5-6:30)

£5 reserves your spot. Tickets available at Eventbrite: 

Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham, RH3 5PZ

HorshamSallyArmy copy

Close to Horsham train station. Free parking on site.

Come join with us for paradigm shifting talks and worship.

Blessings and Bliss

Glory Company 


Venue:Horsham Salvation Army



The Horsham Salvation Army Hall is located behind the train station, with the main entrance and parking off of Booth Way off of the large roundabout (see pic below). For Sat Nav, use RH13 5UZ to get to Booth Way.

The building is ground level, so has easy wheelchair access and a few handicap parking spaces. 


Travel and Car Parking

Finding the venue is easy by train or by car. 

There is parking on site, but if it gets full, Horsham also has several all day car parks within 7-10 minutes walk to the venue (more information here):

Swan Walk (900 spaces — £8.40 for 8 hours — £12 for longer)

Piries Place (330 spaces — £8.40 for 8 hours — £12 for longer)

BT Exchange (81 spaces — £7 for 8 hours — Saturdays and evenings only)


And the Horsham train station is a 5 minute walk to the venue as well (see first map above).

Hotels and B&Bs

There are two hotels in Horsham for those who want to book to stay overnight.

The Premier Inn is across from the train station (3 minute walk to the venue).

Travelodge is in the centre of town near the bus station (7 minute walk to the venue).

And there are also a number of B&Bs further from the venue.

The venue only holds 150, so don’t delay! Book today! Come join us for the joyful revelry of Glory Company worship music, and the revelatory talks by Nancy.

See you there!

Glory Company 

Buy Tomorrow People Conference 2017


We have edited the Speaker Sessions for the recent Tomorrow People 2017 conference, and they’re awesome! Now on sale!

This conference was life changing for the many who attended. There were many testimonies of notable healings (asthma, hip, chronic fatigue). And the testimonies keep coming in on how lives have been impacted and changed by simply embracing the teachings and taking them on at a practical day to day level. And the level of worship and encounter was so high, if we’d had our own venue, we would have carried on the meetings and we’re sure much much more of heaven would have broken out.

Sessions Include:

Session 1: Matthew Nagy – Authentic Destiny

Session 2: Justin Abraham – Living Ascended

Session 3: Jane Schroeder – Inviting His Fire

Session 4: Stevie McKie – Emissaries of the Thone Room

Session 5: Jane Schroedoer – Walking in Miracles

Session 6: Pearl Nagy – I AM Co Creating

Session 7: Stevie McKie – Living Beyond the Veil

Session 8: Justin Abraham – Living 247 Connected




(Note: Click the Buy Now button to take you to a safe PayPal page to complete your purchase. Once purchased, we will be alerted to give you access to the Conference for download. Please be patient, as the download is not automated, and it can take up to 24 hours before your download link is emailed to you.)


Justin Paul Abraham is the founder and co-director of Company of Burning Hearts in the UK. He is a popular podcaster, author of Beyond Human, missionary and motivational speaker, known for his joyful teachings on the happy gospel, engaging heaven, mystical (contemplative) prayer and KAINOS (new) creation realities.


Jane is a full time minister of the gospel and the joy, podcaster, writer and international speaker. She loves to see heaven invade earth and Jesus heal people. She is a prophetic seer, is passionate about intercession, and heads up prayer for Company of Burning Hearts, as well as travelling the world on a mission to release people into the seer realm and their destinies. 


 Stephen McKie heads up Scotland Ablaze, is an international speaker and podcaster, and now also oversees the Nest Foundation Year 1 course. Stevie believes in the tangible reality of the awesome presence of God and the power of the prophetic Spoken Word. He also works closely with Company of Burning Hearts in Wales and has travelled with them extensively preaching and imparting the joy and wildfire of God across the nations.


Matthew and Pearl Nagy head up Glory Company as speakers, podcasters, bloggers, as well as the worship with the Glory Company Band. They are facilitators of Glory Parties and events with the main aim being: worship until the glory presence comes; then wait in the glory for God to show off.

Purchase, Download, and Enjoy!



(Note: Click the Buy Now button to take you to a safe PayPal page to complete your purchase. Once purchased, we will be alerted to give you access to the Conference for download. Please be patient, as the download is not automated, and it can take up to 24 hours before your download link is emailed to you.)

Glory Company 

Save the Dates 2017

2017 is already looking busy and exciting!

So, for those who book ahead, make sure you save these dates in your diary!


January 2017

Saturday 14th: Glory Party

Monthly Glory Party, Worship and Prayer

Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham, RH13 5PZ

Entrance off of the Harwood Road Roundabout

Doors at 7pm, Free entry, Love offering

Parking on Site


Saturday 21st: Love Fest


We’re excited to once again be taking part in this years Love Fest, hosted by Company of Burning Hearts, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st at the Gate Art Centre in Cardiff

Details here:


Saturday 28th: Glory Party Cambridge

Glory Party being hosted near Cambridge by Anthony and Leona of Heavenly Exchange.

Milton Community Centre, Coles Road, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6BL



February 2017

Saturday 18th: Glory Party

Monthly Glory Party, Worship and Prayer

Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham, RH13 5PZ

Entrance off of the Harwood Road Roundabout

Doors at 7pm, Free entry, Love offering

Parking on Site

March 2017

Saturday 18th: Glory Party

Monthly Glory Party, Worship and Prayer

Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham, RH13 5PZ

Entrance off of the Harwood Road Roundabout

Doors at 7pm, Free entry, Love offering

Parking on Site


April 2017

Tomorrow People 2017!

Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd

We’ve brought our annual Tomorrow People conference forward to April Easter Break!

Friday and Saturday April 21st and 22nd. Sessions at 10am, 2pm, and 7pm.

Guest speakers Justin Abraham (Company of Burning Hearts), Jane Schroeder (Nun on the Run) and Stevie McKie (Scotland Ablaze). Worship from Glory Company.

Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham, RH13 5PZ

Entrance off of the Harwood Road Roundabout

Tickets £15/day, available for sale soon

Parking on Site



Papa’s Schedule Change

Greetings to all you glory people.

We miss you, but an unexpected thing has happened.



We had a dream that Papa told us to put Glory Party on hold for 6 months.

In the dream, we finished our January Glory Party, were packing up the equipment, and clear as day, Papa spoke and told us to put it on hold, so that when it came back, it would come back in more power.


Sad as it is to not have a Glory Party for 6 months, we really feel this is from Him. So we are honouring the dream, honouring Papa, and we’re cancelling our Glory Party events until summer.

We’re still going to honour some of the commitments we’ve already made: John Scotland in July; and we are pleased to confirm that we are hosting Ian Clayton in Horsham the 3rd weekend in August, dates and times to be finalised.

We are also supporting Spirit Body Soul’s event with Heather Clark March 28 & 29, with some of the GloCo band members joining with other musicians to be Heather’s band for the 2 nights.

But as for the Parties themselves, we’re going to be obedient, and use the next 6 months to spend time at His feet as much as possible, posturing ourselves for all that is Him-possible. We are sure He will download to us what He wants for the next season when we come back. 


Blessings on you all. Will miss you. But look forward to seeing you at the events and in September Glory Party!

Matt and Pearl and new baby Hope and the boys…