Hello all you lovely Glory Dwellers!

We wanted to give you an update on the fund-raiser!

We’ve been quiet since the end of the fund-raise, preparing Dinky Donkey tracks to send to the professional engineers to mix the tracks so that we can release the album this Autumn. So far, so good! 2 tracks are mixed to completion, another nearly there, so only 7 to go!

We have also been getting through the fulfilment of merchandise that’s been ordered and scheduling one-to-one appointments, so if we haven’t got to yet, don’t worry. We’re nearly there.

We didn’t make the full fund-raising goal, but we have re-jigged the allocation of expense, so we have enough for Dinky Donkey, and we have a nice chunk towards The Sound of Heaven. We’ll follow up after the summer with a small £3K fund raise to get the remaining amount we need to complete that album, which we’ll begin recording as soon as Dinky Donkey is released.

You can still buy merchandise off the shop on Rocket Fuel, and still make donations towards the Sound of Heaven. Only £3K to go! http://www.rocketfuelhq.com/glory-company

Thank you all so much for your support to make all this happen!

You can still pre-order both albums on CD and Digital Download, or simply pre-order the Digital Downloads, or trade any amount into the campaign, or buy a t-shirt or any other product here:


We love you. We need you. We bless you. We wrap our loving arms around you.

Blessings and Bliss

Glory Company

Here is a taster of some of the songs from The Sound of Heaven to encourage you to trade into its creation.

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