Glory Party September Cancelled…

Hey Gang!

Very sorry to tell you gang that the Glory Party for this Saturday has to be cancelled, due to illness in our house that hasn’t gone away yet.


Illness, you say! What about faith! Surely God heals! Isn’t that part of what you guys are all about!

Yeah, we know! The mind boggles… Why are we ill, Papa?! Why is there illness at all?!

So much has been said on this topic. We could wax lyrical about sickness in general, or healing in general. We could spout things that we have heard so many others say about healing is for today, or not for today, or God is sovereign, or He works all things for good, or sometimes He makes you wait for your healing… There are plenty of blogs that say great things we love and believe, and plenty spouting all sorts of nonsense that we don’t believe. And there are plenty of well-meaning Christian pastors we’ve met in our lives who’ve said negative things to us about healing timing or His Sovereignty to excuse God for not moving in some instance to protect us from losing our faith.

But what is the truth?

We’re not sure why this illness has hit our house (or the house of our friends at COBH as well at exactly the same time…)

But one thing we do know for sure.

We do not doubt for one second that God heals. And that He heals today. And that He uses people of faith to enact His healings. And sometimes, He just does great miracles without any of us too. It’s all good.

And we do not doubt that God could heal both our households right this second. And we do not doubt that even if neither household gets healed supernaturally, that God won’t work something for good out of it.

What we also know is that we don’t actually want to simply perform healings. We want to walk in a spirit of healing, rather than a gift of healing. We want the full lightnings of God to riddle through us like John G Lake, so that every sickness that comes within the presence of our very spirits dies on contact. We are not satisfied with one offs. We want the ‘Jesus healed them all’ all the time. 

What we desire is true Sonship with the Most High. We want to be mature Sons, Hious, rather than Teknons (immature Sons)… We want to receive the full inheritance that is promised to the Hious Sons of God (Romans 8), and nothing less.

So as we sit and type this, hacking, feeling rotten physically, we ignore our symptoms the best we can and plunge into the depths of Him. Our souls and spirits long for more of Papa, to know Him as fully as we can, more and more each day, resting in Him, seeking Him first, that His Kingdom may pour through us as we become more like the one we behold.

We believe that as we do this, that we will begin to operate in the very nature of God that we reflect. Sickness and any other form of darkness caused by the fall will shrivel up and die in our very presence, because of the light of Him that we reflect and carry.

So, do we believe in healing? Absolutely! Because we believe in the One Who heals, in the Healer Himself...

See you at the next Glory Party in October, a double one on Fri 19th and Sat 20th with Company of Burning Hearts in Horsham. And this Saturday 15th, why not get together with some friends and have a home Glory Party yourselves!

Be encouraged, be empowered, be delivered!

Glory Company 


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  1. The beauty of being in oneness with Him, is that you owe no man an explanation.
    In Fellowship With You From Across the Pond,

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