Glory Party June!!!

Glory Party! – 23rd June, 7-30pm

Hosted by Glory Company

Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, HORSHAM England

A night solely dedicated to worshipping the King! Giving God a platform for His Glory. Ministering to Him for His sake.

We expect even more, as the momentum continues to build. We’re resting in for encounters like those of the Ladies of the Golden Candlestick!

He never fails to show up and show off! Spontaneous, Prophetic music, following Holy Spirit in whichever way He wants.

One thought on “Glory Party June!!!

  1. Folks who allow the Presence to appear, red carpet, gold crowns, dusted with heavenly seeds. So little earthly ego manifesting means space is created for Him to come and come He does through the music of the heavenly spheres… Sometimes I feel more myself in that than almost anywhere else…

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