Ian Clayton August, Take 2…

Registration is FINALLY OPEN! Hurrah! Apologies to all for the delay in opening ticket sale registration. We actually had to overhaul and upgrade our entire website in order to enable to ability to use the ticket sale package on the site. Crazy man! ;>) So please use the links provided to be able to get your tickets. Don’t delay. As the venue is smaller than hoped for, we are only able to seat 120 people. This event will sell out!

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AUGUST 16th to 18th

Into the Mystic

Five Sessions over Three Days with Ian Clayton

Broadbridge Heath, Horsham

Hosted by Glory Company

Registration opens June 1st: Seated limited to 120

It is our extreme pleasure and privilege to host Ian Clayton in the Southeast for 3 days of mystic teaching on the ways of Enoch and accessing heaven now whilst on earth.

Ian’s teaching are real ‘box-breakers’ for even the most open-minded. His Hebraic way of teaching often leaves us with even more questions than when we first started, but we are fully assured that our spirits ‘get it’, whatever he teaches, and it’s our brains that just need to catch up.

Ian comes with a wealth of first hand experience of walking with God in the heavens. He has seen the face of the Father, walked in Eden, and been shown many mysteries and secrets of the Kingdom. He is opening up through his teaching faith to walk in the unseen and practical steps to take to practise engaging with that reality. We have already seen many changes in our lives through his teaching these last four years. We are very expectant!

We are asking Ian to bring practical teachings on how to begin to live out of our spirits and walk with feet in both heaven and earth simultaneously, like Enoch. We expect to receive accelerated development in the ‘mystic realms of God’ with Ian Clayton, whatever he feels God has for us. 

Thursday 16th: 7pm

Friday 17th: 9:30 am, 1:30 pm, 7pm

Saturday 18th: 9:30 am 

£5 Registration/session — £20 for all 5 sessions  

Venue: Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre Cafe

Wickhurst Lane (Tesco Superstore)

Broadbridge Heath,  Horsham RH12 3YS

Registration will open June 1st to all
We hope you’ll come. You will be changed if you do!
Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.
Glory Company 

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