Todd Aftermath

Guys, Todd Bentley event was AMAZING! It totally popped! Heaven expanded all around us and parked for many hours. There was even a full moon and an eclipse! (Okay. So God may have planned those already for those days. LOL. But what an amazing coincidence, nonetheless! It was a rare and beautiful thing… 🙂

Whatever any naysayers may have thought or said prior to the event, the People have spoken: the event was absolutely packed with hungry people and the sick, full of faith to receive and get healed.

Having spent several days hearing Todd and getting to know him more, we can tell you: he is such a humble man and amazing lover of God. Jesus and Holy Spirit are his best friends. Todd just wants nothing more than to heal people, see them delivered and set free, and to see people get saved and come to know the One who saves. He spoke and taught from pure scripture and personal testimony. It was such a pleasure to receive the word as Todd brings it. We recorded both nights and will put the recordings up, free for all to download and listen to as soon as they’re ready.

And he kept going on both nights until he had prayed for every single person in the building. The testimonies of the results of the healings are starting to come in, and we’ll post them as they come. Some highlights:

We’ve heard of someone with gall bladder issues who’s had a scan that has shown significant healing.

We’ve heard of another who had a sprained ankles and incredible pain who walked away from the conference completely healed and set free from the pain on the night.

Another got completely set free from asthma and has slept every night since without any breathing hindrance.

We’ve heard several tales of deliverance from rejection, from anxiety, and from fear of death, accompanied by an amazing peace that was never there previously.

Please! If you have more testimonies of your healing or deliverance! Please send them in so we can encourage others, and also so we can stand with you in prayer that your healing is full and permanent! Glory to God.


Be encouraged! Be empowered! Be delivered!

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