Engaging Your Spirit

First Podcast from Glory Company’s Engaging Heaven weekend away in Norwich, Part 1: Engaging Your Spirit

We had so much fun with the Glory Guys up in Norwich: Heartbeat Poringland, Liberty Church Bungay and Wellspring Church Poringland. They pulled so much out of us during our Engaging Heaven weekend away. Lotta great worship. Lot of fun practical teaching. Lotta Joy! What radical lovers of Jesus Christ! A revival gang, a light beckoning in the midst of the darkness, growing in glowing, spreading the light border in East Anglia. Glory to God. Love those guys. They stole a bit of our heart, as we poured out to them.

Sorry it’s taken a while to put up. We had the Todd Bentley event in the right after the Norwich weekend. And we had to listen and clean up some of the noise out of the recordings. Forgive the slightly robot voice: it was robot or annoying constant buzz.

We want to thank, honour, and give credit to Ian Clayton, Patricia King and Bill Johnson for their wonderful teachings that have encouraged and influenced us, and from whom we have borrowed and incorporated some of their exercises into our own beliefs, teachings and practical exercises.  

Enjoy night 1 Part 1.

Be Encouraged. Be Empowered. Be Delivered.

Glory Company

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