Space Dream


I had a powerful dream last night. I was floating in space, without spacesuit or ship, and I was completely in control of my movement as if in gravity rather than a vacuum. I was far enough from planet Earth to be able to see the entire thing amongst the other stars and planets. I was with ‘someone else’ who was speaking softly to me, saying that since its creation, Earth has been hidden from view, invisible to any other planet in the universe, but that the time was near where it would no longer be shielded from sight and would become visible. My mind boggled at the thought.

As St Paul once said in the New Testament, forgive me for a moment if the next paragraph is pure foolishness to you. I am just gonna have a little fun for a paragraph. Don’t do making a theology out of the following:


If one were to take the dream quite literally, it is a fascinating thought to consider: what if God created many worlds, many planets, perhaps many able to sustain life like ours. Imagine if Jesus came only to our planet to save mankind and that we held a very special role in the sanctification of the entire universe. Wow. Imagine if our planet has been invisible to thousands of other civilisations capable of travelling to Earth, and suddenly, in our lifetime, our planet became visible to all those other planets. Imagine if they decided to come visit, as a result of the sudden visibility, exploring this new world that also sustains life. And imagine if they met a world full of radical believers who were thus able to evangelise entire planets for the Lord. Wow. That could be a lot of fun!

(I know that is totally ‘out there’. I’m only playing… So, to get to my real point… LOL)

The dream could of course be symbolic.

Earth represents the physical realm, the seen, natural realm that we live in daily in our bodies and souls. Space, represents the Heavenlies or Eternity. The dream could be God revealing part of His plan, that the veil is being lifted over the earthly realm that we live in; that the natural, seen, everyday realm will soon no longer be separated from the rest of the Heavenlies or Eternity.

Following on from our recent post about the Thinning, this felt like a prophetic dream confirming this word that is weighing on our hearts.

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Imagine being able to see the spiritual world of the Kingdom with your five senses as easily as you currently see the natural earthly world. Imagine seeing the spiritual dynamics in action all around you, no longer veiled from your eyes, ears, etc.

Imagine seeing straight through people’s reactions to see the true spiritual causes, such as bitterness or unforgiveness, or unrepented imaginations, or whatever God allowed you to see, such that you never misunderstood anyone again.

Imagine seeing someone physically ill, and seeing the exact spiritual root, and being able to lead them in a simple prayer to deal with the root, and thus release the healing they need.


Imagine seeing and understanding the laws of quantum mechanics that seem to be the closest thing to science explaining the spiritual realm of the Kingdom. Imagine having such deep revelation that one would be able to walk in the space ‘in between’ sub-atomic particles, such that one could: step out of the earthly natural realm into the spirit realm to walk through walls as if air; walk on water as if solid ground; float off the ground as if gravity didn’t exist; or think of a place and appear there through a quantum tunnel because time and space could simply be constructs for the natural realm but not for the Kingdom spiritual one.

My goodness, what we could do if we could get past our current intellectual barriers and paradigms, and embrace and step into these things: a body of wholly supernatural beings operating in the Kingdom on Earth. Real life superheroes with super-powers!


We welcome it. We look forward to the Earth losing the veil and becoming visible. Whether we are meeting and evangelising whole other worlds (:>), or suddenly stepping into what will be so uncannily supernatural to the existing unbelieving world that everyone stops in their tracks and starts to really believe in the Lord by the signs and wonders being performed by His body of believers. It’s all good.

He did say that we would do even ‘greater things,’ and that they would believe us by our power, rather than by our words.

Let’s start believing for it and transform this world we live in!

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company