Stepping Into Heaven

Part 3 of 7-part Ian Clayton teaching from Glory Company’s Into the Mystic conference August 16-18 2012: Into theMystic – Stepping into Heaven.

In this session, Ian teaches on stepping into Heaven, mainly because there are so few who teach on this subject. Sure, there are loads who profess to do it regularly, but how!?, all of the rest of us mere mortals ask! If we don’t know, surely it’s only because we haven’t been taught!


When Jesus died, God tore open the veil between the outside world and the Holy of Holies in the temple. This was no simple random act of God vandalism. God opened up the way, through Jesus, for any and all to enter in through the now open passage between the outside world and the Heavenly realm. It is our privilege, indeed, our responsibility! to step through regularly into the heavens, to engage God there, where He lives, in order to bring Heaven to earth.

So, practice, practice, practice, this very practical teaching, especially the engagement exercise at the end. It is by faith that we enter in. Glory!

Be encouraged, be empowered, be delivered.

Glory Company 


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