Everyone Poops

Did you know that everyone poops? 

It’s not a typical subject of everyday conversation, but it is a fact of life.

You eat. You digest. You poop.

Everyone poops. Even Jesus pooped. He was human, after all.

To think that people don’t poop or aren’t capable of it is to deny a fundamental part of who God made us to be.

We all poop.

And we are all capable of making a choice that others may think stinks, too.

Ever made a bad choice and then had to suffer the consequence of that choice?

Ever made a choice that you didn’t think was a bad choice, but when it went public it lead to people ostracising you for the stink your choice created?

How should we respond when people we know, love, respect make bad choices?

Have we put them on such a pedestal as to think that they are incapable of making such a choice?

Surely, we should only hold perfect Jesus to such a standard as that. Surely, we shouldn’t expect perfection of anyone other than Jesus, no matter what position they hold or what gifting they operate in.

Everyone poops…

If someone you know and love and hold in high esteem were to need to go poop, would you ostracise them?

Then why would we crucify someone who made a bad choice? Surely, when one of our brethren makes a choice that we view as a poor one, we need to extend to them grace for their choice and extend forgiveness to them when they’ve shown repentance.

Isn’t that what Christianity is about? Isn’t that real love?

Did Christ die on the cross for certain perfect people? Or did He die for everyone, to pay the penalty for people’s mistakes and poor choices?

We want to encourage great character in people above gifting. But harsh punishment for mistakes along the way seems not just un-Christian but inhuman. People deserve the chance to make amends for their choices. People deserve to be allowed grace and restoration.

I am pretty sure that Jesus died for everyone, to give everyone a second chance. He even said that we should forgive our brothers 77 times (meaning always…).

Would you like the chance to get back up on your feet if you made a choice that everyone else thought stank?

Jesus told us to then go and do likewise to our brother…

Everyone poops. 

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company 

2 thoughts on “Everyone Poops

  1. Brilliant! Timely! Relevant! I had a dream about this very thing a few days ago. Everyone was pooping and nobody could point the finger. Keep going Nagies!! Culture of Honour is big part of the future

  2. Thats such a brill word Matt – needs to be heard by many! Yeh Papa is a Restorer & Redemmer & is so Merciful & yeh that shd be our heart for others…..God raises up, so who are we to judge hey! Here but for the grace of God go I!

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