Into Him, see?

Papa is calling every believer to spend time in the bedroom of heaven.

This is a place of deep intimacy, where Papa reveals His heart more and more to the sold out lover bride who will say ‘Yes’ to the call and seek Him, worshipping Him at His feet, simply beholding Him. He desires His lover to simply say ‘Yes’ and meet with Him.

It isn’t impossible. It doesn’t take ages. And no one is excluded.

How will you answer the call of the Bridegroom?

Listen to Matt and Pearl speaking at Spirit School in Wales.

Be Encouraged. Be Empowered. Be Delivered.

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3 thoughts on “Into Him, see?

  1. Wow wow wow wow how hungry I was to hear this. My heart ached for it. God’s spirit fell in my room as I listened something has changed, things released that needed to be gone. Here is the love I longed for – He has me in his arms!!!

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