The Disappearance

Are we solely meant to spend our lives here on earth here, in our bodies, on earth…? Or is there more? Is the spirit world as real as the bible implies? Could we really step from here into the heavenly realm to spend time with God where He lives? Like Enoch. Like David. Like Moses. Like Jesus…

In this thought provoking talk by Justin Abraham of Company of Burning Hearts, he speaks of many things relating to disappearing from here to spend more time there. It isn’t hard to do. We just have to believe what He says, and we can do it.

Special guest testimony from Milly Bennitt as well. 

Enjoy this delicious message: The Disappearance…

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company

Divine Interruptions

Is everything in your life going just the way you’re used to? Perhaps you are on the verge of experiencing a divine interruption…

We certainly had one the first night of our 2-night Glory Party with Justin Abraham.

Straight at the end of the worship set, Papa God had one of the attendees shout an amazing prophetic word that came out of nowhere, and at first could have seemed to be a simple human shout.

But it was a spot on divine interruption of the events of the evening. And instantly brought a spontaneous prophetic word from Justin.

What a blessing. What a night. What a word.

Are you ready for your divine interruption?

Happy Listening: COBH Glory Party: Divine Interruptions

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company 

REVISED: Cristina Foor Event

Hello Glory Gang! All Change, please! All Change!

We are changing the format for this Saturday’s Event!

After much soul-seeking, we decided to forget about the ‘prophetic training day’ all day Saturday. We really feel like Papa has a some major words of revival for this region and for all of you Glory Company South-Easterlies.

Instead of trying to squeeze in a load of meetings into the day, we are going to simply have TWO longer meetings this upcoming Saturday:

     Saturday Morning: 11:30-2:30 (pre-event worship from 11)

     Saturday Evening: 7:00-10:30 (pre-event worship from 6:30)

Both meetings will be freeform glory party worship, then giving Cristina the floor for the prophetic glory revival heart that she carries.

The big break in the middle will let you hit Horsham to get something nice to eat and have a good break (as well as to spread the glory that the morning meeting imparts on you all! :).

Both meetings will be free meetings with love offerings to bless Cristina for the word she has for us. 


Cristina Foor is an amazing woman of God with a heart for worldwide revival, and an amazing prophetic gift.

Salvation Army hall, Booth Way, Horsham.

We hope to see you there! We know you won’t be disappointed!

Glory Company xx

Cristina Foor Prophetic Revivalist!

We are delighted to be part of the UK tour for Cristina Foor. Cristina is an amazing woman of God with a heart for worldwide revival, and an amazing prophetic gift.

We are hosting a one-day intensive prophetic course with Cristina on Sat Nov 10th from 10am to 4:30, followed by a Glory Party with Cristina that evening at 7:30, all at the Salvation Army hall, Booth Way, Horsham.

The one-day course will be three sessions, 2 in the morning, 1 after lunch, with a break for tea in the morning and lunchtime in the afternoon. There will be the usual Glory Party band worship to prep the spiritual atmosphere and then 3 sessions on how to accelerate your way in the prophetic, glory-revival-style, as only Cristina brings. We will be asking for a £10 donation on the door, which will go towards Cristina’s ministry. Pre-register by email to as spaces will  have to be limited according to seating.

Later that evening, we’ll be partying again, and then give the floor to Cristina one more time to speak on whatever Papa puts on her heart. Free entry, love offering as Papa leads.

We hope to see you there!

Glory Company xx