Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 3

In our third session of Tomorrow People conference, Justin Abraham spoke from his many recent experiences and revelations to lay a foundation of how to receive and reveal the new dynamics that are awaiting us from Heaven.


We are capable of so much more than we engage with in the natural day to day life. There is so much that has been locked up for such a time as this, this next age of reformation, where people become aware of their spirits to such an extent that they begin to live from the spirit, soul, and body, as the Hebrews once did and understood.



Imagine if you could live authentically you, the you that God created and intended, instead of living out of a script, influenced by everything that you have ever seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched. Imagine living out of the simultaneously overlapping spirit and natural realms, living out of the things as yet unseen, capable of understanding all that God intended. We are in a world with angels, the cloud of witnesses, and the Glorious Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, yet we stay anchored to the lower dimensions, believing the illusion that this is all there is.


We are capable of so much more. Let’s get on with what God wants and live out of our Kainos re-birthed creation reality.

Let your box be broken and your present and future life be transformed, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

Enjoy: Tomorrow People Session 3 Podcast

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

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