New Season

Are you ready to leave the past behind and move forward into your new season?


God says that the old is past and the new has come!

Why do we hold onto the past so much?

Sadly, it’s because our identity is wrapped up in it, even the painful bits, so we hold onto them for fear of losing self.


But would we actually lose self if we let go of the past? Or would it be that we lose our warped view of a version of our ‘self’ that is not even the one God has made for us… If we give up the hurtful past to press into the future, surely, we are actually pressing into the Us that God created us and meant us to be…  

In this most excellent final session with Cristina Foor at our all day Glory Party in November, God speaks through Cristina straight to our hearts. This is such an amazing and timely word for all, not just Glory Company.


Come all you weary and heavy laden, all you battered and bruised, hurt by religion, squashed by insecure leaders, those of you feeling like your gifts were despised and are thus worthless… Come… Come, and Jesus will give you rest for your soul, and rise to you spirit to step back onto the path towards your destiny.

Enjoy Cristina Foor: New Season 

Glory to God!

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered!

Glory Company 

The Glory is His

Glory belongs to the Lord, and we should never take the glory for ourselves.


Yet, Papa is so loving and gracious, at the same time He is happy to share His Glory Presence with those who seek Him. The bible says we were made for His Glory. And we are constantly encouraged to step into His Presence and bask in His Glory.


At our double Glory Party in November, we had the privilege of hosting Cristina Foor of Revival Glory and Fire Ministries, an amazing and accurate prophet who studied under Ruth Ward Heflin and speaks of and from the Glory of God. In her Saturday morning session with Glory Company in November, she shared from her and Papa’s heart about Him bringing and sharing His Glory over all of the UK, and then into Europe… though it comes with a warning to not try to take the glory for ourselves, but only enjoy it and use it to glorify Him and make Him famous. 


It was an amazing time of prophetic input into Glory Company, the southeast, and all of the UK and Europe. We are not surprised to hear that God will bring His Glory in Power back to the Land of Hope and Glory, England. But we are still reeling from the word that was spoken specifically over us, and holding it, weighing and testing it for His timing of it all, for how He is going to work it out, and for what the first steps are… All Glory to God!


Enjoy this fabulous word from Cristina: The Glory is His

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company