Living from the Spirit Podcast

It’s easy to forget that we are spirits first, that have a soul, that live in a body. We are after all made in God’s image, and the bible continually tells us that God is a spirit.


If we live from our bodies, we’ll be carnal minded. If we live from our souls, we’ll go at the whim of our emotions or stick to the rigour of our intellect.

But if we live from our spirits, the sky is not the limit. We live from the eternal nature that God created in us… capable of so much more than we could ask or imagine…


This teaching is from Glory Company’s away gig with the His Fragrance glory gathering in Bedford. It was a particularly joyful worship session, and the joy lingered deliciously all throughout the talk, as we challenged the status quo and called those listening to believe for more than what simply meets the eye…

Will you live from your body, your soul, or your spirit? Who knows what you could do if you choose to live from your spirit first and foremost… Dare to dream! To the victors for the spoils!

Flying Away Still

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