Tomorrow People 2015 Conference


At long last, we are so happy to announce that the venue is all booked and the tickets are on sale for our Tomorrow People 2015 conference, with revelatory speakers Ian Clayton, Justin Abraham, a fantastic session from Karl Whitehead on the Living Hebraic letters, and music from the Glory Company.

Tomorrow People 2015 is a two-day conference with 10 sessions from Ian, Justin, and Karl sharing from their own personal experiences and applied understanding of God and the dynamics of Heaven. The talks will help you to expand your mind and change your paradigms to increase your awareness of the unseen world all around us, to help accelerate you towards your future to become Tomorrow People, today. The dawn of the spiritual evolution of humanity is upon us, for those who have ears to hear. Many of the talks are not just theory, but also have practical engagement exercises to help you learn and apply what you’ve heard to your everyday walk with Jesus.

The conference runs all day Friday August 21st and Saturday August 22nd, with sessions each day as follows:

9:30am -10am Registration
10am Worship & Session 1
11:45am Morning Break
12:15pm Session 2
1:15pm Lunch Break
2:30pm Worship & Session 3
4pm Afternoon Break
4:30pm Session 4
5:30pm Dinner Break
7:30pm Worship & Session 5

IanIan Clayton is an inspirational speaker, pioneering teacher, scientific thinker, and a businessman, as well as head of Son of Thunder ministries. He encounters the unseen world naturally and imparts the understanding for others to walk in these same realities. He revolutionary messages have impacted tens of thousands globally. He is a remarkable man with a powerful mandate for this generation.

JustyJustin Abraham is a renowned speaker, teacher, blogger and podcaster recognised internationally for his engaging teachings on the mystic realms of heaven. Justin is the senior director of Company of Burning Hearts with his wife Rachel, standing with many others around the world to see a global spiritual awakening of humanity to shape the future.

KarlKarl Whitehead has been closely mentored by Ian Clayton over the past several years. During this time God has given Karl unusual experiences in the Kingdom Realm. His revelation is profoundly engaging and draws people into a deeper love and appreciation of the Father.

Venue: The Horsham Capitol


The Capitol Horsham is Horsham’s flagship venue, with a 400-person seat theatre. We are so excited to be hosting the event here, practically in the centre of town. It is a 3 minute walk from the train station, across the street from Horsham Park, and a 5 minute walk into town centre, where there are loads of restaurants and coffee places for lunch or dinner, as well as shopping and a supermarket.


As it is a seated event, don’t delay booking, so you can get good seats!

Friday is on sale here:

Saturday here:

There are discounts for booking both days or for concessions online at the Capitol website.

To book both days with the discount, you have to add each day into your basket on the Capitol website, and the website will calculate the discounted price.

There is also wheelchair access and a few special places for wheelchair seating. If you need this, please call the Capitol box office to arrange your tickets so that they can book the special seating for you: 01403 750220.



Travel and Car Parking

Finding the venue is easy by train or by car. There is a load of information on the Capitol website itself here

There is NOT parking on site at the Capitol.

However, for those of you who came last year or come to our Glory Parties at the Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham, we have made a special arrangement with the Salvation Army. They are allowing us to use their car park both days of our conference, in exchange for the people parking there to put a love offering through the mail slot. The suggested offering is £3-£5, and there are approximately 30 spaces on a first come first served basis. What a huge blessing to us, so we want to be a blessing to them. So please be prepared with your donation to them should you use their car park for either or both days.

Horsham also has several all day car parks within 3-7 minutes walk to the venue (more information here):

Swan Walk (900 spaces — £8.40 for 8 hours — £12 for longer)

Piries Place (330 spaces — £8.40 for 8 hours — £12 for longer)

BT Exchange (81 spaces — £7 for 8 hours — Saturdays and evenings only)

RCP (£3 all day pay and display parking, but very limited amount of spaces)

There is also shorter term parking immediately opposite the Capitol in the North Street car park, but there is a limit of 3 hours stay during the day (for £3.30). In the evenings, the charge is only £1 from 6-8pm (and you are able to stay parked there for the rest of the night).


There are designated setting down, collection bays and parking spaces for disabled people immediately at the side of the building. And the Horsham train station is a 3 minute walk to the venue as well (see the map above).

Hotels and B&Bs

There are also two hotels in Horsham for those who want to book to stay overnight.

The Premier Inn is across from the train station (3 minute walk to the venue).

Travelodge is in the centre of town near the bus station (7 minute walk to the venue).

And there are also a number of B&Bs further from the venue.

Last year’s event was SOLD OUT, so don’t delay! Book today! Come join us for the joyful revelry of Glory Company worship music, and the revelatory talks by Ian, Justin and Karl.

See you there!

Glory Company 

Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 4

itunes pic

In our fourth session of the Tomorrow People conference, Ian reminds us that we are spirits with souls in bodies, that we were not made for this world. As such, this world attempts to tether us to the natural, when we were made for the supernatural. This results in us being earthbound, and makes it more difficult for many to engage the deeper realms of the Kingdom.

Imagine: untethering from the constraints of this world to be free to roam the heavenly Kingdom in your spirit 24/7! What a delicious thought! Well… sit back, listen, absorb and enjoy… Just believe!


Please note: the engagement exercise at the end is purposely left off at Ian’s request, to avoid misuse or it being taken out of context. Any engagement exercise is based on faith, and is merely an example of something to engage with to help one focus their faith, not to be used as a magical incantation.

As such, believers, use your sanctified imagination to create your own engagement exercise to untether yourself from the influences of this world.

Let your box be broken and your present and future life be transformed, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

Enjoy: Tomorrow People Session 4 Podcast

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company

Events Diary 2015

2015 Events Diary

January 2015

Hi Glory People!


Apologies. Cannot believe we put the event on Facebook last week but forgot to update the website!

Don’t want you to miss the first Glory School Glory Party of 2015!

Justin Abraham from Company of Burning Hearts is coming down to kick off the new year Glory School.


Towards the end of last year, we really felt Papa putting on our hearts for 2015 to impart what we’ve been learning and gleaning these past years about how to live out of the Glory and operate from our spirits to perform Kingdom purposes. 

Saturday Jan 17th 2015 at 7:30 is the first one of the year.

Usual venue: Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham

Don’t miss it!

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Matthew and Pearl

Glory School Glory Parties 2015

Here are the dates for all the Glory School Glory Parties of 2015, so you can pencil them into your diaries.

Some will have special guest speakers, dates and speakers to be confirmed ;>)

Feb 21

Mar 21

Apr 18

May 16

Jun 20

Jul 18

Sep 19

Oct 17

Nov 21

Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham

Free entry and parking — love offering on the night 

Ian Clayton: Tomorrow People Conference 2015


2 days of box breaking teaching from Ian Clayton, with worship from Glory Company

Friday August 21st and Saturday August 22nd

Venue to be confirmed

Sessions each day:

9:30 – 12:30

2:30 – 4:00

7:00 – 10:30


Davids Tent August Weekend 27-30

DavidsTent copy

Come enjoy the glorious cloud of His presence

If you would like Glory Company team for worship or ministering (or both) – please contact us at

Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 2


In our second session of the Tomorrow People conference, Ian Clayton speaks about the importance of our breath and the deep significance of being a people who speak things to life deliberately.

God spoke, and it was. Adam called the animals by name, and they were. What have you created today with your breath? Have you chosen life or death? Blessing or cursing? Have you prophesied positively into your or others futures? Life and death are in the tongue. But it is the breath behind the tongue that releases the power of creation. Have you created life all around you? Have you spoken a new world or future into being?

Molecular Thoughts

Let your box be broken and your present and future life be transformed, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

Enjoy: Tomorrow People Session 2 Podcast

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company

Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 1

Our first podcast from our first conference after a 6-month sabbatical. And man, what fire is on it!

The conference was off the charts. The teaching was box breaking. The worship was powerful and heartfelt. And we had the privilege of seeing a major scroll for England land on the second day of the conference, which has totally rocked our world. We are still digesting the fullness of what it means and how we’re meant to respond…


In our first session of the Tomorrow People conference, Ian Clayton speaks about the importance of our physical bodies in Kingdom dynamics. For so many years it has been implied that the body is evil and the spirit is good. But Hebraic thinking is that the body, soul, and spirit are all important and intertwined… and when God made it, it was good!


Have you ever wondered why the transfiguration of Jesus was featured as it was in the Bible? Have you ever pondered: if Jesus says that we will do even greater works than He did whilst on Earth… what does that say about we sons of God and disciples of Christ in light of Him being physically transfigured on the mountain. Is there an implication of some form of responsibility as the body of Christ to embrace the transfiguration in some format in our own physical bodies…?

By thinking incorrectly about our bodies for as long as we have… have we missed something really important? Have we set our hearts on death, and the loss of the body, to enter into the spirit world of Heaven. Have we made death our saviour? Have we ignored something to obvious and right before our eyes all these years… that our bodies are just as important as our spirits and souls…? 

thomas fingers

Ian has graciously given us permission to post this podcast teaching for free for a limited time (as he will be later selling this teaching as part of a series on his own website). Let your box be broken, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

And support Ian’s ministry by going to Ian’s website to purchase his other wonderful and important box-breaking teachings.


Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company 



Autumn Glory Parties!

Glory Parties Autumn 2014

Hey Gang! We’re Back! Hurrah! Glory Glory! Party Party!
For Autumn dates, it’s moved to the 4th Saturday of each month, Sept, Oct, Nov!

Sept 27th

Oct 25th

Nov 22nd

Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham
Free entry and parking — love offering on the night 
We’re also planning some other away events now, which we’ll post when the dates are approved.
After Ian had the privilege of landing England’s Destiny Scroll, we feel the immense pleasure and weight to carry on creating a platform for Papa’s Glory in the land. So come join in. Let’s see what happens. The sky is NOT the limit!
If you would like Glory Company team for worship or ministering (or both) – please contact us at


Ian Clayton: Tomorrow People Conference!

We are excited and feeling blessed to announce Glory Company hosting Ian Clayton again this year! Hurrah!


2 days of box breaking teaching from Ian Clayton, with worship from Glory Company

Tickets available from here

Friday August 22nd and Saturday August 23rd

Salvation Army Hall Horsham

Booth Way

Horsham, RH13 5PZ

Parking on site

5 Minutes walk from Horsham Train Station


Sessions each day:

9:30 – 12:30

2:30 – 4:00

7:00 – 10:30



There are several hotels in Horsham, if you google

These are just a few:

Premier Inn (across from the train station)

Travelodge (in town centre)



See you in August! Excited!

Glory Company