The Show Must Go On!

Well, we are back after a break between the Ian Clayton conference and the cancelled Todd Bentley conference. Ahem…

We are also aware that we haven’t blogged in ages, and we still have to get the Ian Clayton Podcasts live, but that’s all coming, so don’t you worry…

We have some Glory Partys coming up in the Autumn, so pen them into your diary. We want to turn up the Glory another notch in the Southeast and make some even larger waves. Look out! Mega Glory Tsunami coming up! 

Glory Party Live September 15th


Glory Company on the Road to East Anglia September 21st-22nd

     with Heartbeat and Liberty Churches


Glory Party Live & COBH in Horsham 19-20th Oct

    Special Guests Justin Abraham and the COBH team to preach it raw, loud, and funky!

    Once more into the Mystic, my friends!

    Storming Heaven again!


Glory Party Live November 10th

If you would like Glory Company team for worship or ministering (or both) – please contact us at

Be encouraged, Be empowered, Be delivered!

Glory Company