Tomorrow People ’18 Videos


The videos from the event are finally ready! Sorry they took so long.

You can buy or rent them from Vimeo on Demand, here: Tomorrow People 2018 VoD

Tomorrow People 2018 was a hugely significant event for Glory Company. The event was subtitled “Engaging Wisdom to Frame the Future”, and it feels like this is exactly what happened over our two day conference.

The talks from the event feature Marios, Matthew and Pearl all speaking truths that Holy Spirit has been revealing to each of them regarding how to be Tomorrow People. There’s also a fun Q&A session, with questions from the attendees.

We have to say, this event impacted us personally in a huge way. We don’t think Glory Company will ever be the same. The talks were fun and rich and engaging. And on the Friday night, during the worship, the Kabod, the tangible presence of God, fell on the meeting so wonderfully, all we could do was to willingly surrender to it and enjoy His presence and glory.

Then on the Saturday, in the final talk, Melchizedek showed up, and we all traded into a glorious future, a Kingdom trade, engraving our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren and beyond, that we would lend to many nations and borrow from none. Wow. It was amazing.

Video Sessions Include:

Session 1: Matthew Nagy – Worship and Intimacy

Session 2: Marios Ellinas – Relational Honour

Session 3: Pearl Nagy – Forgiveness and Judgements

Session 4: Matthew Nagy – Powerful

Session 6: Pearl Nagy – Health, Frequency and You

Session 7: Marios Ellinas – Wisdom and Honour

Session 8: Matthew Nagy – Reading the Bible Hebraically

Session 9: Marios, Pearl, & Matthew – Q&A

Session 10: Marios Ellinas – Abrahamic Blessing

Gert yours today: Tomorrow People 2018 VoD

Blessings and Bliss

Glory Company