Glory Party Nov 16 2013

Is it really that time again!? Hurrah! We LOVE Glory Party!


It is a real love offering to Him from us. And we love it! You don’t realise how much time and work goes into making a Glory Party happen, from lugging all the music equipment to the Sally Army hall hours before, setting it up, sound-checking, all the people praying behind the scenes, and setting things up… then breaking it all down at the end of the night and lugging it all home…

But it is SOOO worth it! To spend time corporately join together with the heavenly hosts to worship HIM, worshipping in the throne room and following Him this way and that, to pray for the nations, to pray for the attendees, or to just soak near Him, adoring Him… It’s all good! (Can you tell I’m excited by all these !!!! ;>)


So come on down to this last Glory Party of 2013. We’re having a break in December, then starting back up in January afresh.

Bring your friends, loved ones, enemies… bring your sick, your tired, your weary… bring out your dead for resurrection power!

We’ll see you there!

Blessings and bliss!

Glory Company!