Podcast: Glory School – Marriage Covenant

At the May Glory School, guest speaker from Beauty from Ashes, our own spiritual daughter, Carol Bostock, spoke on the marriage traditions as depicted from the Talmud and Torah, in turn, opening up the scriptures to us that so much of what Jesus spoke to His Church is actually from the language of the marriage covenant traditions of the Hebraic culture. Podcast – Marriage Covenant


Had we been a part of that particular culture, we’d have known and heard what Jesus was saying throughout everything that He taught and said to us and His disciples: that He has always been and always will be asking us to enter into the intimacy of the marriage covenant with Him as our Bridegroom.

He is calling us into a most intimate relationship with Him. Not one of master and servant, as so many works-based teachings have proposed. He is in fact proposing to us, His Beloved, to enter into the wedded place, the place of the honeymoon, the secret place with Him, where we will be completely open to Him, completely transparent, completely His from now until eternity, should we just say Yes.

Lord, we say, Yes. We say, Yes! Help us, Lord, to be your bride, to learn to love You and adore You as You deserve. To be wedded to You in bliss, forever and ever, for richer provision, in healing and in health, until death do us join together in the heavenly afterlife, (assuming we do not first skip death to spend eternity with you in these mortal bodies…)


We now pronounce, we are man and wife, head and body, bridegroom and bride. We kiss our Husband.


Be blessed. Get praying. Enjoy the Poddie.

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Podcast: Glory School – Praying in the Courts

At the March Glory School Glory Party, Matthew shared on praying in the courts of heaven, a very biblical and practical teaching, drawing from Zechariah, Job, Jesus, Ian Clayton, Justin Abraham and Robert Henderson, but very much in the Glory Company style.


When Jesus describes prayer in a parable, He didn’t liken it to the warfare so often taught in these past years. He told a story of a widow who went to a judge for justice against her adversary. She put it into the hands of the judge, stating her case, until the judge took it into his own hands and pronounced justice to be done. The widow never faces her adversary herself, but instead relied on the courts to administer justice.


Have we been praying all these years in a begging or warlike fashion, when in fact, the Lord is waiting for us to rise up as His governmental body and legislate in His courts of heaven to perform His will on earth as in heaven?! How much previously unanswered prayer could have been legislated in this way and come to fruition? How much time have we wasted, begging for action, instead of using our authority to set things in motion?


We hope this podcast will transform your prayer life with these simple tools and protocols to follow in faith, praying in the spirit in the courts of heaven to administrate His Kingdom coming to earth and into your life. Glory School Podcast.

Get up there and get praying. Step in through the torn veil, and watch what He can do through you: exceedingly, abundantly more than you could have asked or imagined.

Be blessed. Get praying. Enjoy the poddie.