2-4-1 Album Fund-Raiser, Coming May 21!

Hello everyone! We have been busy on sabbatical and lockdown!

We’ve heard our next directions, and we have started a fund-raiser to fund 2-4-1 studio albums!

Firstly, we’re raising 6K to fund the mixing and mastering Dinky Donkey in time for it’s 10th anniversary release!

Then, we’re finding another 11.5K to fund the recording, mixing and mastering of The Sound of Heaven, which will be our second studio album!

These are exciting times! We have over 3,500 followers across all the social media platforms, so this should be a doddle for everyone to help pitch in so that we can fund this dream project of ours.

And, we’re not just looking for a hand out. We’ve opened a cool new shop on Rocket Fuel where we’re selling all our existing music, plus new Glory Company branded lyric art, t-shirts, hoodies, and more! There are a load of exclusive limited edition items so that they hold their value over time for their rarity. There are also some amazing one on one offers for you, plus, of course, the ability for you to simply trade into Glory Company and our projects.

Dinky Donkey has all the early years Glory Company faves: Glory Company, Our God is Bigger, Seven, This is Jesus, The Party Song, Wholly Holy, I Don’t Want to Go Back to Normal, Blissed Out, Fullness of Life, and of course, Dinky Donkey.

The Sound of Heaven has all the middle year hits, plus new songs we’ve written over our sabbatical period: Yod Hey Vav Hey, Amen Glory Hallelujah, The Lord’s Prayer, We Drink You In, You Are There (single), All Around He’s There, Now… Wow!, Teach Me to Become Divine, Creative Light Beings, and The Sound of Heaven.

These are exciting times, and we are living and breathing not only the Fund Raiser, but we’re already preparing to mix Dinky Donkey in faith that the fund raiser will be a complete success, by God’s grace.

Keep watching all week and be ready! May 21st the fund raiser goes live! Be there to help us build this mountain of trading into our 2-4-1 studio albums fund raiser.

Thank you so much! You guys are amazing and we love you!

From Matthew and Pearl

Glory Company

Blessings and Bliss!