Todd Cancelled

Hi Guys

We’re very sorry to have to tell you that the Home Office has decided to listen to the out of context rantings of the Croydon MP and has refused Todd entry into the UK for his UK tour. 

We love Todd, and we honour him. And we totally disagree with what has happened. The decision is ridiculous, and based loosely on facts that are completely out of date and out of context. We feel awful for Todd.

But at this time, with a week to go before conference kick off, we have no choice but to cancel the Croydon Conference. We will arrange to refund everyone who has bought tickets.

We’re gutted!

But at the same time, we ponder… is it time? Is it time for the UK to raise up it’s own body of people on fire for Jesus, healing on the streets, imbued with power from on high?! Do we need someone from the US to come over to show us how it’s done? Or can we rise up in faith and do what Todd’s been doing?! Do even more than Todd’s been doing!?!

Jesus said that we would do more than Him. He healed and delivered and raised the dead and many, many other miracles.


Surely it is time that we lived up to that! It’s time for England to rise up as the Sons of God that Isaiah prophesied! 

Come on, people! In the wake of this sad news resulting in the Todd conference being canceled, let’s use this as a springboard to raise up ourselves and begin healing supernaturally all over the UK! It is time! Our time! Jesus’s time!

Be empowered. Be encouraged. Be delivered.

Glory Company

What Do Your Eyes See: Podcast

With Todd Bentley’s UK tour now cancelled by the Home Office refusing him entry, it seemed the perfect time to release this fabulous word from Todd: Click for Todd Podcast

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On Todd’s second night in Horsham last December, he brought a teaching on the Seer realm, and then prayed an impartation for any who hungered for it to step in and receive it.

Are we really meant to all be seers? Can we really all see as He sees?

Listen in and enjoy this fabulous teaching, and get released into a whole new realm for Kingdom purposes.


Glory Company

Todd Pod!


With Todd Bentley’s UK tour cancelled by the Home Office refusing him entry, it seemed the perfect time to release this fabulous word from Todd: Click for Todd Podcast

On the second night of Todd Bentley’s Horsham debut last December, Todd presented a word from the Lord on a ‘critical spirit’ that he sensed pervading the spiritual atmosphere in the Southeast.

There are so many proposed definitions of Leviathan bandying about. Yet the very people who are pointing the finger may themselves be guilty of the very thing they are proclaiming to expose.

Have a listen, and see how this resonates with your spirit. Let Papa not only forgive you for being critical of others or partnering with a critical spirit, but let Him also cleanse you from all unrighteousness…


Glory Company