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Hey Guys

We have been SOO fabulously busy with Papa and events and Glory Parties and away stuff. Just got back from 3-day conference with Company of Burning Hearts in Cardiff for the Ian Clayton Days of Wonder event. It was off the charts fabulous! Love all the different DNAs mingling together at that conference, people secure enough to drink from each other’s wells without feeling threatened at different belief systems. True Culture of Honour!

But it means we have been remiss in not letting you know that there IS NOT a Glory Party in August! We’re having a break, back in September on Saturday the 21st for the next one!


Instead, Wisdoms of Pearl is hosting a Young Living Oils meeting from 6-8pm at the Horsham Salvation Army Hall on Saturday August 17th, for any and all who are interested in learning more about the use of therapeutic grade essential oils for health and wellness. There will be several short sessions to teach about the oils, different ways to use them, their health benefits, the science behind them, and how to get them wholesale.

More details are available on Wisdoms of Pearl on Facebook, or here on the event page: YLOils Meeting

The meeting is free and open to any and all, so come along if you’re interested and feel free to invite others.

We’ll be blogging again soon. Papa’s laid so much on our hearts. And there are some new podcasts to finish off too. As well as music to release from the upcoming first GloCo album, now officially titled Dinky Donkey. Oh what Joy!

Love you and miss you and keeping you in our hearts.


Matt and Pearl


Upcoming Events

Hey Guys!

Just updated the events page with some changes to event dates and times.

2013 Events Diary!

Very exciting year ahead forming up already! So get out your diaries and save some dates!

Glory Parties of 2013

Mostly 3rd Saturday night of every month, and the Salvation Army Hall, Booth Way, Horsham, 7:30pm
Free entry and parking — love offering on the night
Apr 27: Glory Party: 7:30 pm
May 25: 
All Day Glory Party/Teaching with Dr Sharnael Wolverton of Young Living and author of upcoming book Quantum Healing: 2 morning sessions at 10 am and 12 pm, then evening from 6pm onwards.


Jun 15: 7:00 pm (starting a little earlier to make time…)
Glory Party with Justin Abraham and Company of Burning Hearts team


Jul 20: Glory Party7:30pm
Aug 17: Glory Party7:30pm
Sep 21: Glory Party7:30pm
Oct 18-19

Poss 2-day Glory Party with Adrian Beale and Adam Thompson, authors of dream interpretation book The Divinity Code

 Nov 16 Glory Party7:30pm

If you would like Glory Company team for worship or ministering (or both) – please contact us at



All Change Please!

Hey Guys

Just putting Event Post change up here.


We were meant to be having Dr Sharnael Wolverton (www.swiftfire.org) next weekend, March 16th, for an all day Glory Party speaking on Quantum Healing Glory. However, Papa’s changed our plans so they align better with His plans. So we’re postponing Sharnael until the end of May.


As we have the venue all day, instead, we’ve decided to have an all day Glory Party with mystic mentoring from Justin Abraham of Company of Burning Hearts (http://companyofburninghearts.wordpress.com/) .

This will be a time to worship in the joy, soak in His presence, and have Justin speak into us from his own experiences to help us all delve a little deeper into the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. The bible tells us that the mystic secret is Jesus Christ. So a day of mentoring will be a day of deeper revelation of who He is in us, with some practical words on how to engage with Him, plus time to practice it on the day.

As we have all day, we’ll do a leisurely start at 11 am, then a long meal break, and start back up again at 6:30 pm.

Come one, come all. Bring out your dead. Come all you who are tired, weary, hungry, thirsty… Come drink from the well that never runs dry…

Free event, and we’ll take a love offering.

Very looking forward to it! Blessings! See you there!

Glory Company 


Ian Clayton coming up!!

Just got back from the Wales Ian Clayton event! All we can say is you do not want to miss Ian in Horsham!

So please use the links provided to be able to get your tickets. Don’t delay. There are only 40 places left! This event will sell out!

Click Here to go to the Ticket Page

AUGUST 16th to 18th

Into the Mystic

Five Sessions over Three Days with Ian Clayton

Broadbridge Heath, Horsham

Hosted by Glory Company

Registration opens June 1st: Seated limited to 120

It is our extreme pleasure and privilege to host Ian Clayton in the Southeast for 3 days of mystic teaching on the ways of Enoch and accessing heaven now whilst on earth.

Ian’s teaching are real ‘box-breakers’ for even the most open-minded. His Hebraic way of teaching often leaves us with even more questions than when we first started, but we are fully assured that our spirits ‘get it’, whatever he teaches, and it’s our brains that just need to catch up.

Ian comes with a wealth of first hand experience of walking with God in the heavens. He has seen the face of the Father, walked in Eden, and been shown many mysteries and secrets of the Kingdom. He is opening up through his teaching faith to walk in the unseen and practical steps to take to practise engaging with that reality. We have already seen many changes in our lives through his teaching these last four years. We are very expectant!

We are asking Ian to bring practical teachings on how to begin to live out of our spirits and walk with feet in both heaven and earth simultaneously, like Enoch. We expect to receive accelerated development in the ‘mystic realms of God’ with Ian Clayton, whatever he feels God has for us.

Thursday 16th: 7pm

Friday 17th: 9:30 am, 1:30 pm, 7pm

Saturday 18th: 9:30 am

£5 Registration/session — £20 for all 5 sessions

Venue: Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre Cafe

Wickhurst Lane (Tesco Superstore)

Broadbridge Heath, Horsham RH12 3YS

Registration will open June 1st to all
We hope you’ll come. You will be changed if you do!
Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.
Glory Company