10 Days to Go!

Hey everyone! Thank you all for your prayer, love and support!

There are only 10 DAYS LEFT on our 2-4-1 studio album fund-raiser on Rocket Fuel.

Thank you to everyone who has already pledged, donated, or purchased!

For those of you who have not yet had the chance, NOW is the perfect time to jump on board!

We did the math, and if every one of our Website subscribers pre-ordered one or both of the studio albums, we would make our full campaign easily before the end of the month!

Woohoo! Release the Donkey!

You can pre-order both albums on CD and Digital Download here:


If you can only afford a smaller amount, you can simply pre-order both the Digital Downloads here:


You can of course, simply pledge any amount, or purchase any of our products on the fund-raising page:


But, no matter what you’re able to do, your support is urgent to helping us fulfil our final goal of mixing and mastering Dinky Donkey, and recording, mixing, and mastering The Sound of Heaven!

So, please. Don’t leave it any longer. Follow one of the links and pledge your support today.

Pearl and Matthew thank you in advance for you help.

We love you. We need you. We bless you. We wrap our loving arms around you.

Blessings and Bliss

Glory Company

11 days to go!

11 days to go! Please get your pledges in, or pre-order both new studio albums in cd and digital format!

If everyone of our followers on WordPress, YouTube, and Facebook were to simply pre-order Dinky Donkey and The Sound of Heaven, we would reach our goal!

Thank you for your love and support.

Blessings and Bliss

Matthew and Pearl


12 Days to Go!

With only 12 days left to go for our 2-4-1 studio album fund raiser, we have just surpassed £5K! Thank you all so much for your love and support of our fund raiser! We are overwhelmed with the love and so grateful!

Look how happy cartoon Matt and Pearl are in the below screenshot of the rocket fuel fund raiser webpage!


We have £12.5K left still to go, with only 12 days left!

If you have not already pledged, can you please go to the website and pledge something, or pre-order Dinky Donkey and The Sound of Heaven CD packages, or buy a t-shirt, or whatever takes your fancy!


We so appreciate you all getting behind our fund-raise! It helps us to release these albums to the world at a level of quality that is professional enough to make it onto radio playlists across the globe.

Thank you so much.

Blessings and Bliss

Pearl and Matthew

Coming Up Friday 18th!

Continuing our Friday Night Live series, this Friday June 18th, come watch the serious(?) mockumentary expose entitled:

The Making of Dinky Donkey! Why did it take TEN YEARS!?

Come join the continued fun that is part of Glory Company’s 2-4-1 studio album fund-raiser on Rocket Fuel HQ:


Friday Night Live starts at 7:30 PM on Glory Copmany’s Facebook and YouTube pages:



You can also watch the rerun of last weeks Friday Night Live, special edition Top Ten Video Countdown, with loads of footage of some of the funnest moments of Glory Company over the last ten years:

And if you missed it, there is also the release of the official I See You There video, for your audio and visual delectation:

Time is starting to run short on Glory Company’s fund-raiser, with still 75% to go to fulfil the whole fund raise by the end of June.

If you haven’t already done so, please go to the fund-raising page and pre-order the audio CD of Dinky Donkey and The Sound of Heaven, or purchase a t-shirt or any other product, or make any pledge via the Donate button.

Everyone who makes any pledge, no matter how large or small, will automatically be registered to receive BOTH Dinky Donkey and The Sound of Heaven via digital download as soon as they are completed.


Thank you so much for supporting Glory Company’s 2-4-1 studio album fund-raiser.

Many blessings on you, and bliss

Matthew and Pearl

The Chronicles of Dinky Donkey

The Chronicles of Dinky Donkey!

2000 years ago, a dinky little donkey became the most famous donkey in history.

But what was Dinky Donkey’s back story?

Enjoy some of the best highlights of Dinky Donkey that made him who he was born to be.

An inspirational story from Glory Company of a dinky little donkey’s amazing journey of faith: from being born dinky in stature yet knowing that he was born to do great Big Things!

Why not buy a Dinky Donkey T-Shirt to support Glory Company’s fund-raiser on Rocket Fuel HQ to release the Dinky Donkey album?


All this week, each chapter will be released every morning. Then on Saturday June 12th, the whole story adventure.


Blessings and Bliss

Matthew and Pearl


Friday Night Live June 4th!

It’s Friday Night Live!

With Glory Company!

And special guest host, Lawrence Anime!

Tonight we air The Chronicles of Dinky Donkey!

A story for adults and kids, based on the tale of Dinky Donkey.

As sung in Glory Company’s song, Dinky Donkey!

The rocket fuel fund-raiser is well on it’s way now.

We have passed the £4K mark, and are pushing now to hit £6K target.

This partway goal ensures the Dinky Donkey studio album, and as soon as it’s met, we will start mixing the album for release ASAP.

Many blessings.

We hope you like the show!

Blessings and Bliss

Matthew and Pearl

To help us reach this £6K minigoal, please go to the fund-raise page and simply pre-order both Dinky Donkey and The Sound of Heaven.


£6K By the end of May!

Calling all Glory People! All Glory Company!

Glory Company needs your help!

We want to reach our Mini-Goal of £6K by the end of May!

This would fully fund the first part of our fund-raiser!

It would pay for the mixing and mastering of Dinkey Donkey Album!

Can you help us?

To trade/donate/pledge anything towards our goal, go to:


Why not pre-purchase Dinkey Donkey AND The Sound of Heaven albums!

You can make any purchase for both digital albums.

Or you can put Pre-Purchase of each album into your basket!

Help us #freethedonkey! £6K by the end of May!

Thank you!


Livestream Launch Replay!


For those of you who missed it, this is a slightly editted replay of the Livestream Launch we did Friday May 21st for our 2-4-1 Studio Album Fund-Raiser on Rocket Fuel HQ:


Have a look! A lot of fun stuff in here, lots of glory!

And the interview has some great information and explanations about the fund-raiser, the website, and the new shop, all on Rocket Fuel.

You can help Glory Company’s dream come true and release the Donkey, plus the Sound of Heaven.

Love to you all. Enjoy!

Blessings and Bliss

Matthew and Pearl


Fund-Raiser starts Tomorrow! May 21st!

We are soooo excited and have worked long hours to prepare the shop and the videos and the artwork…

But it’s finally here! Yeah!

So come on into the new shop, and see all the lovely Glory Company items available! Or just pop in to trade into our 2-4-1 Studio Album Project! So very cool!

And come join us for our Livestream Launch event, hosted by Global Community in Yeshua. Start 18:30 UK time on Zoom as the flyer says, or our YouTube channel or Facebook page:



Lastly, the Video for the Fund Raiser goes Live at 18:00 UK time tomorrow May 21 as well.

To watch that, go here:

Thank you all for helping us make our dream come true, to FINALLY release the Dinky Donkey album! AND to record the second album straight after!

Love you all!

Blessings and Bliss

Pearl and Matthew


2-4-1 Album Fund-Raiser, Coming May 21!

Hello everyone! We have been busy on sabbatical and lockdown!

We’ve heard our next directions, and we have started a fund-raiser to fund 2-4-1 studio albums!

Firstly, we’re raising 6K to fund the mixing and mastering Dinky Donkey in time for it’s 10th anniversary release!

Then, we’re finding another 11.5K to fund the recording, mixing and mastering of The Sound of Heaven, which will be our second studio album!

These are exciting times! We have over 3,500 followers across all the social media platforms, so this should be a doddle for everyone to help pitch in so that we can fund this dream project of ours.

And, we’re not just looking for a hand out. We’ve opened a cool new shop on Rocket Fuel where we’re selling all our existing music, plus new Glory Company branded lyric art, t-shirts, hoodies, and more! There are a load of exclusive limited edition items so that they hold their value over time for their rarity. There are also some amazing one on one offers for you, plus, of course, the ability for you to simply trade into Glory Company and our projects.

Dinky Donkey has all the early years Glory Company faves: Glory Company, Our God is Bigger, Seven, This is Jesus, The Party Song, Wholly Holy, I Don’t Want to Go Back to Normal, Blissed Out, Fullness of Life, and of course, Dinky Donkey.

The Sound of Heaven has all the middle year hits, plus new songs we’ve written over our sabbatical period: Yod Hey Vav Hey, Amen Glory Hallelujah, The Lord’s Prayer, We Drink You In, You Are There (single), All Around He’s There, Now… Wow!, Teach Me to Become Divine, Creative Light Beings, and The Sound of Heaven.

These are exciting times, and we are living and breathing not only the Fund Raiser, but we’re already preparing to mix Dinky Donkey in faith that the fund raiser will be a complete success, by God’s grace.

Keep watching all week and be ready! May 21st the fund raiser goes live! Be there to help us build this mountain of trading into our 2-4-1 studio albums fund raiser.

Thank you so much! You guys are amazing and we love you!

From Matthew and Pearl

Glory Company

Blessings and Bliss!