2 Nights of Impartation and Healing with Todd Bentley

We have the extreme pleasure of hosting Todd Bentley in Horsham, as part of his worldwide restoration tour!


We back Todd in his restoration. We believe that his ministry is an amazing gift to the body of Christ. And we are proud to host him in our area and be part of welcoming him back into the fold. He’s a good little sheepie. And we know that Papa loves him and is proud of him.

Both Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner have overseen his restoration and believe that he’s ready to be ministering again. And that’s good enough endorsement for us. 


For many we know in our area, Todd’s amazing Lakeland Revival back in 2007 was a kick off point for us being drawn towards mystic glory encounters and pressing in for more of the supernatural in our everyday lives. That revival  saw countless healings, impartations, miracles, resurrections and salvations. Loads of the healings were medically confirmed, as were 12 resurrections linked to prayer from the event.

We’re so excited to be a part of this. We hope you can make it.

The currently booked venue only seats 200 people, so we need you to RSVP at info@glory-company.com to book a seat. We’ll allow the first 150 people to register priority on the night, and allow the door to be open for the next 50 or so people. 

(That is, unless Papa can make a larger venue available to us. 😉

The event will be free on the door, with a love offering to bless Todd and the Fresh Fire USA gang. So please be prepared to sow into Todd’s restoration. 


7 thoughts on “2 Nights of Impartation and Healing with Todd Bentley

  1. hi ..please can i register for 4 places fri and sat …hope this is the right way to register ..really dont want to miss what god has in store for us all
    many thanks
    ali ansell

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