Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 3

In our third session of Tomorrow People conference, Justin Abraham spoke from his many recent experiences and revelations to lay a foundation of how to receive and reveal the new dynamics that are awaiting us from Heaven.


We are capable of so much more than we engage with in the natural day to day life. There is so much that has been locked up for such a time as this, this next age of reformation, where people become aware of their spirits to such an extent that they begin to live from the spirit, soul, and body, as the Hebrews once did and understood.



Imagine if you could live authentically you, the you that God created and intended, instead of living out of a script, influenced by everything that you have ever seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched. Imagine living out of the simultaneously overlapping spirit and natural realms, living out of the things as yet unseen, capable of understanding all that God intended. We are in a world with angels, the cloud of witnesses, and the Glorious Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, yet we stay anchored to the lower dimensions, believing the illusion that this is all there is.


We are capable of so much more. Let’s get on with what God wants and live out of our Kainos re-birthed creation reality.

Let your box be broken and your present and future life be transformed, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

Enjoy: Tomorrow People Session 3 Podcast

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company

Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 2


In our second session of the Tomorrow People conference, Ian Clayton speaks about the importance of our breath and the deep significance of being a people who speak things to life deliberately.

God spoke, and it was. Adam called the animals by name, and they were. What have you created today with your breath? Have you chosen life or death? Blessing or cursing? Have you prophesied positively into your or others futures? Life and death are in the tongue. But it is the breath behind the tongue that releases the power of creation. Have you created life all around you? Have you spoken a new world or future into being?

Molecular Thoughts

Let your box be broken and your present and future life be transformed, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

Enjoy: Tomorrow People Session 2 Podcast

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company

Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 1

Our first podcast from our first conference after a 6-month sabbatical. And man, what fire is on it!

The conference was off the charts. The teaching was box breaking. The worship was powerful and heartfelt. And we had the privilege of seeing a major scroll for England land on the second day of the conference, which has totally rocked our world. We are still digesting the fullness of what it means and how we’re meant to respond…


In our first session of the Tomorrow People conference, Ian Clayton speaks about the importance of our physical bodies in Kingdom dynamics. For so many years it has been implied that the body is evil and the spirit is good. But Hebraic thinking is that the body, soul, and spirit are all important and intertwined… and when God made it, it was good!


Have you ever wondered why the transfiguration of Jesus was featured as it was in the Bible? Have you ever pondered: if Jesus says that we will do even greater works than He did whilst on Earth… what does that say about we sons of God and disciples of Christ in light of Him being physically transfigured on the mountain. Is there an implication of some form of responsibility as the body of Christ to embrace the transfiguration in some format in our own physical bodies…?

By thinking incorrectly about our bodies for as long as we have… have we missed something really important? Have we set our hearts on death, and the loss of the body, to enter into the spirit world of Heaven. Have we made death our saviour? Have we ignored something to obvious and right before our eyes all these years… that our bodies are just as important as our spirits and souls…? 

thomas fingers

Ian has graciously given us permission to post this podcast teaching for free for a limited time (as he will be later selling this teaching as part of a series on his own website). Let your box be broken, as you listen and embrace this fantastic teaching.

And support Ian’s ministry by going to Ian’s website to purchase his other wonderful and important box-breaking teachings.


Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company 



Podcast: Justin Abraham – Pegs to Thrones

At January Glory Party, Justin Abraham spoke from Isaiah 22:22-23



The Key of the House of David I will lay on his shoulders, When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them. And I will fasten him like a peg in a secure place, and he will become a glorious throne of honor to his Father’s house.

Who has the key? We have the key! You are the shoulders! You are not disqualified!


Are you going to stay content with the status quo? Or are you going to do something, the thing that God has called you to?

He will drive you like a peg in a secure place. He will make you a throne for His government on earth.

All you have to do is believe and receive…

Such a glorious gospel message. What a fantastic and invigorating night to start off the new year 2014 right…

Enjoy this message. Serious and full of joy at the same time.

From Pegs to Thrones Podcast

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company



Cash Cows v Sacred Cows

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In this second session with John Scotland in October Glory Party, he spoke a fantastic prophetic message about us breaking our agreement with sacred cows many Christians have: to do with the poverty mindset that has so wrongly been prevalent in Christian thinking since middle ages.

We Christians are meant to be the most supernaturally successful people on the planet! So much so, that the world comes to us to ask us how we are prospering in times of recession! What is your secret! Ah… but the secret is so simple… to believe in a God who gives generously to those who are in turn generous to bless others. Wow. Simplicity.

Break your own sacred cows and turn them into cash cows from the Lord!

Listen here and enjoy!


Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered

Glory Company

Podcast: John Scotland – Pushed into Destiny


On Night 1 of our October 2013 Glory Party with John and Jean Scotland, we had such a great time receiving a powerful word delivered with joy from John.


John is a modern day Jeremiah or Isaiah. His years of drunkenness are still seriously misunderstood by so many in the Church. Yet it was God who was using His willing servant, John, to deliver a powerful message to His Church through the actions John was lead to perform — often without even at first understanding it himself. This brave mighty man of God, without an ounce of fear of man, was willing to be God’s puppet, bringing offence to many, in order to uproot matters of the heart that prevailed.


We had a glorious time of great joy receiving this powerful message from John, complete with an hour of prayer at the end for all those who attended: baptised with the breaking of waters in order to then be pushed and delivered into new destiny.

Enjoy this delicious feast of serious joy!

John Scotland – Pushed into Destiny

Living from the Spirit Podcast

It’s easy to forget that we are spirits first, that have a soul, that live in a body. We are after all made in God’s image, and the bible continually tells us that God is a spirit.


If we live from our bodies, we’ll be carnal minded. If we live from our souls, we’ll go at the whim of our emotions or stick to the rigour of our intellect.

But if we live from our spirits, the sky is not the limit. We live from the eternal nature that God created in us… capable of so much more than we could ask or imagine…


This teaching is from Glory Company’s away gig with the His Fragrance glory gathering in Bedford. It was a particularly joyful worship session, and the joy lingered deliciously all throughout the talk, as we challenged the status quo and called those listening to believe for more than what simply meets the eye…

Will you live from your body, your soul, or your spirit? Who knows what you could do if you choose to live from your spirit first and foremost… Dare to dream! To the victors for the spoils!

Flying Away Still

Listen to Living from the Spirit podcast.

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company

New Podcast: Love Slaves

At recent Glory Party with Justin Abraham, after an amazing adventure in worship and intercession glory in the throne room, Papa hijacked Justin’s planned message to invite us all to become love slaves, bond servants, lovers of the Most High God. 

It is for freedom that Christ set us free. But is there a better way?


The most amazing mystics saints all had one major thing in common: they were willing bond servants of the Most High. They gave themselves to Him in full surrender and willingness, as they bonded with Him, living out of their spirits for the majority of their lives.

The results for them all were amazing mystical experiences with Papa God, Jesus, Holy Spirit that boggle the mind and defy most modern church day experiences.


But to all of them, the most important part of their lives and journey with Him was simply to be in His Presence, truly madly deeply in love with Jesus.

Enjoy listening! Love Slaves

For more on Justin Abraham visit http://www.companyofburninghearts.com

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company

New Season

Are you ready to leave the past behind and move forward into your new season?


God says that the old is past and the new has come!

Why do we hold onto the past so much?

Sadly, it’s because our identity is wrapped up in it, even the painful bits, so we hold onto them for fear of losing self.


But would we actually lose self if we let go of the past? Or would it be that we lose our warped view of a version of our ‘self’ that is not even the one God has made for us… If we give up the hurtful past to press into the future, surely, we are actually pressing into the Us that God created us and meant us to be…  

In this most excellent final session with Cristina Foor at our all day Glory Party in November, God speaks through Cristina straight to our hearts. This is such an amazing and timely word for all, not just Glory Company.


Come all you weary and heavy laden, all you battered and bruised, hurt by religion, squashed by insecure leaders, those of you feeling like your gifts were despised and are thus worthless… Come… Come, and Jesus will give you rest for your soul, and rise to you spirit to step back onto the path towards your destiny.

Enjoy Cristina Foor: New Season 

Glory to God!

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered!

Glory Company 

The Glory is His

Glory belongs to the Lord, and we should never take the glory for ourselves.


Yet, Papa is so loving and gracious, at the same time He is happy to share His Glory Presence with those who seek Him. The bible says we were made for His Glory. And we are constantly encouraged to step into His Presence and bask in His Glory.


At our double Glory Party in November, we had the privilege of hosting Cristina Foor of Revival Glory and Fire Ministries, an amazing and accurate prophet who studied under Ruth Ward Heflin and speaks of and from the Glory of God. In her Saturday morning session with Glory Company in November, she shared from her and Papa’s heart about Him bringing and sharing His Glory over all of the UK, and then into Europe… though it comes with a warning to not try to take the glory for ourselves, but only enjoy it and use it to glorify Him and make Him famous. 


It was an amazing time of prophetic input into Glory Company, the southeast, and all of the UK and Europe. We are not surprised to hear that God will bring His Glory in Power back to the Land of Hope and Glory, England. But we are still reeling from the word that was spoken specifically over us, and holding it, weighing and testing it for His timing of it all, for how He is going to work it out, and for what the first steps are… All Glory to God!


Enjoy this fabulous word from Cristina: The Glory is His

Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.

Glory Company