Livestream Launch Replay!

For those of you who missed it, this is a slightly editted replay of the Livestream Launch we did Friday May 21st for our 2-4-1 Studio Album Fund-Raiser on Rocket Fuel HQ:

Have a look! A lot of fun stuff in here, lots of glory!

And the interview has some great information and explanations about the fund-raiser, the website, and the new shop, all on Rocket Fuel.

You can help Glory Company’s dream come true and release the Donkey, plus the Sound of Heaven.

Love to you all. Enjoy!

Blessings and Bliss

Matthew and Pearl


Fund-Raiser starts Tomorrow! May 21st!

We are soooo excited and have worked long hours to prepare the shop and the videos and the artwork…

But it’s finally here! Yeah!

So come on into the new shop, and see all the lovely Glory Company items available! Or just pop in to trade into our 2-4-1 Studio Album Project! So very cool!

And come join us for our Livestream Launch event, hosted by Global Community in Yeshua. Start 18:30 UK time on Zoom as the flyer says, or our YouTube channel or Facebook page:

Lastly, the Video for the Fund Raiser goes Live at 18:00 UK time tomorrow May 21 as well.

To watch that, go here:

Thank you all for helping us make our dream come true, to FINALLY release the Dinky Donkey album! AND to record the second album straight after!

Love you all!

Blessings and Bliss

Pearl and Matthew


We Are One! New Album!


Hello to all you Glory Company!

Feels like ages. Sabbatical continues for us, with Papa not as yet revealing when we are ‘ready to launch out again into fresh new waters’… We sit with Him daily, diving deeper into the depths of His goodness and pleasure, getting to know Him more…

But all the while, we are allowed to dream with Him: to explore new aspects of Him, to write books (more on that soon…), and to mix music…

So! We have a new album out since Friday May 24th! We Are One!

The We Are One album is taken from a live spontaneous worship set from Glory Company at our Glory Party in February 2018.


It was a really special night. The atmosphere was pure worship, love, peace, and at times, tears of gratitude or bursts of joy. There was speaking, teaching, banter, laughter. We simply mixed the music, attempting to capture those moments where we remember Holy Spirit moving. Ignore any bum notes. They are incidental to the ‘live set’.

None of these songs were rehearsed. Most of them spontaneously appeared on the night out of our worship (except one where we give credit to an IHOP live-set from their prayer room many years ago).

When we make live spontaneous worship, we simply step into Heaven by faith, behold God, and we respond to what we see, or listen and repeat what we hear. At times you may be able to hear us holding back tears as we sing the precious things we heard. At times you can just hear the joy coming up from out of nowhere, overflowing into the atmosphere in cascades.

We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do.

All of us who practice the presence and bask in His glory:

We Are One.

Out Now!

Go get your copy today! Links to various selected digital download stores:


Album Liner Notes:


Matthew Nagy: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Pearl Nagy: Vocals

Dan Page: Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

James Hanks: Acoustic Guitar

Andrew Moxon and James Westbrook: PA


Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Moxon at Portal Studios, Haslemere, Surrey, UK

Album Photography by Flo Westbrook:

New Album Unplugged and Plugged In

Out Now!

Unplugged and Plugged In!


Live spontaneous album from our March 2017 Acoustic Glory Party.

Raw, rough, delicious spontaneous worship.

Get it now on Bandcamp.

Or listen for free on our YouTube channel.

Or contact us to order the CD.


Matt, Pearl and GloCo Band

Blessings and bliss

Glory Party Feb 15 Album

glocofebcoverOur second live worship release! Mixed and mastered!

Rough, raw, live worship, complete with bum notes, but full of our hearts to adore the Papa. None of these songs existed before the night. They just emerged from our hearts and instruments, as we focused on and gave praise to Him. Glory.

Download it from Bandcamp, today!

Hope you enjoy it!

First Live Release!

We did it! By some amazing miracle! We have released some of our live music! Hoorah! Lol. The Studio Album, Dinky Donkey, is still under way (4 years in the making…), but we felt we were blocking the release of the live spontaneous worship, so we have bit the bullet and went ahead and mixed the live stuff as best we can, as quickly as we can.Glory Party Jan 15We are hoping to begin to create a steady stream of live music releases as we move forwards. The first EP is simply titled Glory Party Jan ’15, and is currently available for download purchase from BandCamp, here: Glory Party Jan ’15 This is live, raw, and rough recording from the January 2015 Glory Party: spontaneous, prophetic worship from the night. It is complete with mistakes, bum notes, wrong tuning, and missed beats, but it is heart-felt authentic worship that has its own power and purpose, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. 

In our usual experimental nature, none of the songs in this EP existed before the night began, but all arose on the night as we followed Holy Spirit into an encounter with Jesus. 
Tell your friends! Download and enjoy!
Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be delivered.
Glory Company

Wild Fire Horsham live on iTunes and Amazon


Check out my new album Wild Fire Horsham distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!.

Hey Guys! This was the first album we ever released, a few years ago now, before we were Glory Company, we were a spontaneous prophetic band called The ‘Cession, with many members of the current line up, plus our dear friend Justine Parsons on lead Vox at the time.

The album is a fantastic bit of spontaneous music we made the first time that we and Spirit Body Soul co-hosted Emerge Wales for a local glory event. It was a fantastic night of breaking open the heavens and pushing boundaries of the ‘known path’. The music was off the charts.

Have a listen to the samples, and if you like, you can purchase the album to support this growing ministry.

If you can’t see the European store on iTunes, you can also grab it at Amazon:

USA Amazon

UK Amazon

Much glory to you all


Matt and Pearl oxo

Free Music

Hey Guys! Just updated the very out of date ‘Music’ page, with a link to a whole bunch of free live spontaneous music, very poorly recorded on an iPhone, but cleaned up best we could. Lol



The Glory Company Band leads worship  monthly at our own worship events, Glory Parties and at other conferences and events (such as Company of Burning Hearts, Spirit-Body-Soul events, Glory Fest, etc).

You can find a load of free live music here on our Soundcloud page:


The band is currently Matthew on guitar, vocals and sometimes keys, and Pearl on BVs, though we are regularly joined by Jon on trumpet and djembe, Craig on drums, James Westie on drums/djembe/vox/keys/loops (or prophetic mixing!), and Dan or James H on guitar/bass/vox. Papa is definitely forming a set band that’s able to play spontaneous prophetic music, as well as to play the songs that are soon to be released on Glory Company’s first album.

The music varies from joyful praise to deep sombre throne room worship. 

The first Glory Company Band worship album is currently in the final mixing stages. Watch this space.

Free Live at Davids Tent Recording

Wow! That’s all I can really say! What an awesome and awe filled time worshipping with some of my favourite musicians in the world. Glory Company Band, you were just transcendent last Sunday May 27th! Fabbo!

We recorded the whole thing, and so we’re putting it out there for all to hear. Please listen, download, share with friends. Free free free. Yummy yummy yummy.

And if it really blesses your socks off and you want to send us a love offering gift, just use the Donate button at the right hand side of the Glory Company web page to sow into our worship and preaching ministry.

But most of all, just enjoy the raw music, full of love, and bliss, and joy of the Lord that hit us all like a bliss bomb from heaven at David’s Tent. Ignore our occasional bum note… man, we was drunk… 😉

Be encouraged, be empowered, be delivered!

Glory Company