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We have 5 days left

5 days!

Please go and pre-order one or both of the studio albums.

If every one of our subscribers simply does that, we will make our goal on time!

Help us to release the Donkey!

You can pre-order both albums on CD and Digital Download here:


If you can only afford a smaller amount, you can simply pre-order both the Digital Downloads here:


You can of course, simply pledge any amount, or purchase any of our products on the fund-raising page:


No matter what you’re able to do, your support is urgent to helping us fulfil our final goal to make and release BOTH ALBUMS!

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves donkeys, so he URGES you to do make your pledge!

Please follow one of the links and pledge your support today.

We love you. We need you. We bless you. We wrap our loving arms around you.

Blessings and Bliss

Glory Company

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