Hey Glory Gang

So excited to tell you all about our upcoming album release, You Are There EP. 4 tracks of yummy glory bliss based on the song that we wrote for LoveFest 2020 this year.

The main track is an epic 25-minute long adventure, the main song from LoveFest mixed and finalised. Then there are 2 remixes that are great songs in their own right, and a lovely short and sweet radio edit of the first track. We know you’re going to love it. Very dance in places, and trance in others.

It is a song close to our hearts of worship, because it is real to us. It’s all about our journey through Matthew’s cancer treatment in 2019, how no matter what was going on, Papa God was there all along, right beside us. We are so excited to release it in the upcoming month and will keep you all updated.

If you don’t already subscribe to us on Patreon, please consider joining to support us by trading into all the creative stuff we’re doing.


Many blessings and bliss.

Matthew and Pearl and Glory Company

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