Glory Party Oct 17th


Glory Party! Glory Glory! Party Party!

After so many fantastic Glory School Glory Parties last year, this one is currently scheduled to be a long worship session without a speaker.

Come and enjoy the bliss of his presence. We’ll worship until the Glory comes. Then we’ll bask in the Glory and see what Papa does.


We hope to see you there! We know you won’t be disappointed!

Glory Company xx

One thought on “Glory Party Oct 17th

  1. Hi Matt and \Pearl…… sooo… good to see you both looking well and enjoying the heavenlies…….. thank you so much for lifting us with that wonderful sound….. I was reminded again of Gods hand coming into the middle of the circle when we were singing His Name and beginning to spin a child’s top….. the colours coming together in one beam of light and the hum going deeper until it was at a special pitch which I believed lined up with the sound in Heaven… I sensed it taking place and so enjoyed this and a young man dancing around the room and expressing all the movement that was inside me…… wonderful as the Breaker Angel broke through …thank you both…. Kayb xx

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